New Developments in Real-Time Linux Webinar

MontaVista(R) Software, Inc., the leading provider of Linux(R) for intelligent devices and communications infrastructure, will present a free educational webinar examining the latest dramatic developments in the real-time capabilities of embedded Linux. Information and registration for the session is available online. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, July 25, at 10:30 a.m. U.S. Pacific Time or 1:30 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time.

Developers and device designers who have been forced to use proprietary real-time operating systems to achieve the performance and functionality their products need will see how advances in commercial-grade open standards Linux software now deliver the speed and power required by real-time applications.

This technically oriented web seminar will present details such as new technology approaches used in real-time Linux implementations, performance levels attained by embedded Linux, and APIs for integrating real-time Linux with application software. The webinar will also examine open source projects and technologies on the horizon to see where real-time Linux is headed and how new offerings may benefit developers.

The webinar, “New Developments in Real-Time Linux,” will be presented by James Ready, an expert in real-time technology. The founder and chief technology officer of MontaVista Software, Mr. Ready has more than 25 years of experience in the embedded systems and real-time software industry. Mr. Ready pioneered the development of the first commercially viable real-time operating system product, the VRTX real-time kernel. He founded MontaVista in 1999 to provide the Linux operating system to embedded systems developers, and to offer embedded systems expertise to the open source Linux community.

A live question-and-answer session will give audience members the opportunity to interact with Mr. Ready and concentrate on information of specific applicability to their own projects.

MontaVista Software, Inc. is the leading provider of Linux for intelligent devices and telecommunications infrastructure. MontaVista delivers a commercial-quality Linux operating system, time-saving development tools, expert support, and design and migration services. MontaVista has more than 400 partners, and thousands of companies use MontaVista embedded Linux to add functionality, increase reliability, reduce costs, and accelerate product development. MontaVista has offices in 15 countries.

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