Cambridge DMR Focuses on Engineering, Scientific, Business Software

Newly launched Cambridge CD and DVD duplication company, Cambridge DMR, have announced that their focus will be on the production of high quality digital media products for the engineering, scientific and business software industries. Cambridge DMR has been spun out of Copytrax, a technology leader in the development of CD and DVD printing and duplication equipment.

“Copytrax has been providing CD and DVD duplication services for many years now,” said Steve Woods, Managing Director of Copytrax. “It’s helped us understand the market for our equipment and has helped us develop the new technologies that keep us ahead in the game. This side of the business has been growing for some time, so it’s been an easy decision to create the Cambridge DMR division.”

Cambridge DMR will focus mainly on providing high quality software products for the business, academic, engineering and scientific markets. These are areas in which they have existing long-term customers and anticipate future growth. Offering full project management that includes packaging, design and even shipment if required, Cambridge DMR already handles major contracts for large organisations across the UK.

“I think what puts us ahead of the competition is both our technology and our ability to manage complex projects,” said Philip. “We are currently using the very latest Copytrax Project 37 machines that can print 1200 CDs per hour and offer probably the best image quality available. This provides us with competitive pricing, fast delivery and a high quality product. For some of our clients, we have had to handle critical software projects that have been subject to multiple versions, going out to multiple locations and within strict timescales, so our systems and organisational skills have been well developed over the past few years.”

In addition to CD and DVD Duplication, Cambridge DMR is a leader in the emerging market for Flash Drive duplication. Flash Drives are increasingly proving to be a very effective media for sharing data as they are easier to carry and handle than CD’s and DVD’s and offer more advantages from a marketing and branding perspective. Cambridge DMR can provide a range of Flash Drive designs with company and product logo’s printed on the side, for events such as seminars, exhibitions and conferences.”

“Whether it’s a technical presentation, a training course or even evaluation software, Flash Drive media is now an innovative and cost effective option,” said Philip. “When we duplicate data onto the Flash Drive, we can secure it in a protected area of memory, ensuring that it cannot be deleted or written over and also leaving the remaining memory available to the user.”

About Cambridge DMR
With over 10 years’ experience, C-DMR is a leader in the project management of digital media production with success based on the highest levels of service and quality available within the industry. In addition to this, C-DMR is a part of Copytrax, a world leader in the development of CD and DVD duplication and printing technology, enabling C-DMR to benefit from the most up to date technology available worldwide.