eDevice BridgeD130 Connects Dial-up Modem to GPRS Network

BridgeD130 is a PSTN2GPRS converter that connects wired modems to wireless networks. This very unique product allows customers to switch from PSTN to GPRS without any changes in their infrastructure hence creating a serious opportunity for wireless carriers in the M2M area (Machine-to-Machine).

Thanks to this innovative product from eDevice, devices previously plugged on the wired phone network can benefit from the flexibility, the mobility and the rates of the GSM/GPRS networks. This solution saves the cost of an unaffordable or even unavailable GPRS upgrade of the existing device hence extending the lifetime of expensive technological assets.

The BridgeD130 solution has been engineered to suppress the need for wired subscription without requiring any changes on both the device and the central server side. The cable usually connected on the wall socket just needs to be plugged on the BridgeD130 phone interface while an eDevice software component can be installed on the remote central server to add TCP/IP support.

The devices usually connected to the PSTN/POTS network can connect to the BridgeD130 as it emulates the analog phone network with an FXS interface (Foreign eXchange Station). The BridgeD130 not only generates rings, dial tone and power but also extracts the data from the modem flow to transfer it over the GPRS link.

This M2M terminal is based on the award-winning eDevice TCP/IP stack including a web server and remote firmware upgrade support. The BridgeD130 integrates a quad-band GSM/GPRS module and can be battery powered.

About eDevice
Since 1999, eDevice has been developing and marketing complete solutions for M2M Internet connectivity that are both low-cost and compact. Because of their low-cost, eDevice solutions can be used to let any type of electronic equipment communicate, while solving all the problems met by the designers of new products that include a connection via the Internet or a mobile network. Thanks to their usability and user-friendliness, eDevice solutions put harnessing the power of the Internet within the reach of all designers of new products.