Cornet Offers Embedded Design, Manufacturing Service

As COTS vendors abandon older products to stay competitive, they create a void for customers who rely on these products. Where others see obsolescence, Cornet Technology, Inc. sees opportunity. Hence the company’s communications division is launching an Embedded Design and Manufacturing Service to address the engineering needs of low quantity, long-term military and aerospace programs. This service is a natural progression for Cornet Technology, Inc. which has an 18-year history of providing responsive custom products to military clients.

According to Manville Chan, CTC’s Program Manager for Embedded Systems, “The catalyst for the launch of this service was a contractor who approached us to design a custom PowerPC based VME single board computer. The project presented three unique challenges—obscure technology, an obsolete component, and an unbelievably short time frame. We delivered the project ahead of schedule and sourced the obsolete component from a secondary market to satisfy the customer’s exact requirements.”

In the course of fulfilling this contractor’s needs, it was discovered that a number of established vendors were discontinuing their military commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products due to industry consolidation and the European Union’s RoHS initiative. As a result, military embedded COTS buyers were having difficulty purchasing needed products. This left a gap in the embedded COTS market which Cornet Technology has the engineering knowledge, purchasing skills and manufacturing capacity to fill.

Cornet Technology’s Embedded Design and Manufacturing service offers military and aerospace programs with form, fit, and functionally compatible products to those in use allowing them to avoid the need for costly rewrites of their application code and re-qualify their systems.

About Cornet Technology, Inc.
Cornet Technology, Inc. (CTI) is a manufacturing and professional services company consisting of three divisions: Cornet Technology Communications designs and manufactures data, voice and video network switching products and provides integration services for federal and commercial markets; Video Convergence provides video products and comprehensive integration services to the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and strategic security markets; and Optim Systems develops and integrates audio, video and Web conferencing solutions for government and commercial organizations. Founded in 1989, CTI is headquartered in Springfield, Virginia near Washington, D.C.