Nallatech Ships BenADC 3G COTS FPGA Module to S2

Nallatech, the domain expert in high-performance FPGA computing solutions, announced the first customer shipment of the recently introduced BenADC 3G(TM) COTS FPGA product. S2 Corporation has taken delivery of the BenADC 3G for the development and testing of a new generation of ultra-wideband sensor technology for RADAR, LADAR and spectral analysis applications.

The BenADC 3G is the industry’s only COTS product combining the extreme DSP capabilities of a Xilinx FPGA with two National Semiconductor 8-bit 3 GSPS ADCs providing users with a powerful data acquisition and processing platform. Each analog input channel on the BenADC 3G is capable of up to 7.2 effective number of bits (ENOB), 45 dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and 58 dB spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) when sampling a 748 MHz input signal at 3 GSPS. Multiple trigger and clock signal inputs allow simultaneous sampling of multiple analog channels enabling customers to easily scale their application.

“This shipment of BenADC 3G to S2 Corporation represents a significant milestone for the defense and security markets,” said Stephen Lynas, VP marketing at Nallatech. “It demonstrates our technical leadership and ability to promptly deliver new analog capabilities that meet the requirements of our customers. The BenADC 3G, used in conjunction with S2 Corporation’s advanced optical interface, will enable coherent signal processing operations to be performed on high bandwidth RF signals in real-time.”

“We expect the BenADC 3G to significantly enhance our reach into the ultra-wideband signal processing market,” said Kris Merkel, president of S2 Corporation. “With our use of Nallatech solutions combined with our unique photonic signal processing approach, S2 Corporation expects to perform with high instantaneous processing bandwidths upwards of 20 GHz. This signal processing bandwidth benchmark will simultaneously maintain high dynamic range with lower latencies.”

The BenADC 3G is available with a choice of Xilinx Virtex-4(TM) SX55, LX100 or LX160 user FPGAs and is delivered with a suite of optimized IP cores and reference designs. Xilinx System Generator library components are also provided allowing non-VHDL users to target the hardware using Simulink. Software support includes Windows, Linux and VXWorks.

About Nallatech
Nallatech is the world’s leading supplier of high-performance COTS FPGA Solutions. Nallatech designs and manufactures high-performance FPGA embedded products, in form factors such as PCI, VME, cPCI, PCI-X, PCIe and PCI-104. Customers benefit from lower costs, reduction in size, weight and power and improved performance. Headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, its wholly-owned subsidiary Nallatech Inc. has U.S. Headquarters in Baltimore and Regional offices in San Jose, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Nallatech has six operating locations worldwide and international partner sales offices in seven countries.

About S2 Corporation
S2 Corporation is a high-technology-based small business that aims to provide solutions for multiple DoD customers. Our areas of interest include radar, communications, signal processing and other military and commercial applications. S2 Corporation was incorporated in November 2005 and is privately owned and operated. S2 Corporation is experienced in proof-of concept design, rapid prototyping, and testing. S2 Corporation’s research & development efforts are aimed at harnessing so called “S2 technology” based on spectral and spatial (S2) crystalline materials, which offer a unique combination of absorptive and holographic properties with high optical quality. Our strategy is to push technological solutions to a sufficient Technology Readiness Level (TRL) for viability through off-site prototype testing efforts, and then make appropriate teaming agreements for technology system insertion. S2 Corporation is based in Bozeman, Montana.