Interra Jaguar Fronts VHDL for OneSpin 360 Tools

Interra Systems, a leading provider of EDA building blocks, methodologies, and services for SoC designers, announced successful integration and introduction of Jaguar(TM) as VHDL front-end to 360(TM) Module Verifier and 360(TM) EC Equivalence Checkers from OneSpin Solutions.

“We provide advanced formal verification solutions that put very specific requirements on the front-end technology. Replacing with Interra’s front-end enables us to strengthen our focus on the competitive advantages of our core technology,” said Peter Feist, President and CEO of OneSpin Solutions. “Interra’s portfolio of front-end technology and Beacon(TM) test-suites for recent EDA standards, such as System Verilog RTL, SVA and PSL, and their very responsive support saves us development time and ensures full compliance to the standards,” he added.

“We are committed to our customers’ success and we go to every extent possible to fulfill this commitment,” said Sunil Jain, President and CEO of Interra Systems. “Customers can leverage our unique combination of design and EDA skills,” he noted.

System Verilog/Verilog/VHDL Front-end Support for EDA Tools
Cheetah, the Verilog and SystemVerilog analyzer and Jaguar, the VHDL analyzer, are used as language front-ends by several well known industry tools from major EDA vendors, such as Synopsys(SNPS), Cadence(CDNS), Mentor(MENT), as well as startups. Robust field proven quality, professional support and customization services enable EDA tool developers to reduce time-to-market and development cost. Interra provides latest support for VHDL standard IEEE 1076, Verilog standard IEEE 1364 and SystemVerilog standard IEEE 1800. Interra also provides analyzers for other EDA standards like SDF, SPEF, DEF, LEF, HSPICE, and Liberty.

Beacon(TM) family includes test-suites for System Verilog, Verilog 2001, Synthesizable Verilog and VHDL, Verilog/VHDL mixed interface and PSL. Beacon(TM) test-suites are used by several companies to ensure compliance, coverage and quality of their tools’ support for EDA standards. Beacon(TM) offers reduced development costs and time to market for EDA tools.

About OneSpin Solutions
Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company OneSpin Solutions provides award-winning, customer-proven functional verification solutions for ASIC and FPGA designs that ease and speed verification, and deliver certified, highest achievable functional quality. OneSpin’s patented solutions build on more than 270 engineer-years of innovation, development and application experience in formal verification and are field-proven on hundreds of complex designs. Market-leading telecommunications, automotive, computer, and embedded system companies rely on OneSpin’s verification solutions to reduce their verification effort and costs; achieve true functional sign-off for their complex subsystems, processors and peripherals; and preserve this level of quality through subsequent ASIC and FPGA design phases.

About Interra Systems
Interra Systems is a leading provider of products and services for memory, ASIC, SoC and design automation. Interra offerings include support for System Verilog, Verilog, VHDL and other design automation standards for EDA tools, memory design automation, design flow and methodologies, compliance for digital audio video standards, encoders, decoders, automated digital content verification, and platform specific embedded software development to accelerate product deployment. Adaptive solutions from Interra Systems provide significant time to market and cost effectiveness.