Ansoft Rolls Out SIwave v3.5 Full-Wave Electromagnetic Field Simulator

Ansoft Corporation (NASDAQ:ANST) released SIwave(TM) v3.5, a full-wave electromagnetic field simulator optimized for signal-integrity, power-integrity, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) analysis of high-speed printed circuit boards (PCBs) and complex integrated circuit (IC) packages.

The new release features a fast and efficient finite-element-based DC solver optimized for extraction of power rail geometry in complex low-voltage/high-current PCB and package designs. Engineers can view voltage and current distributions in all relevant geometry including vias and bond wires. In addition, users have access to voltage drop and current flow information through all layout elements (vias, bond wires, sources, resistors, inductors, etc.) in tabular format, allowing engineers to quickly identify design rule violations. SIwave v3.5, leveraging Ansoft’s industry-leading adaptive mesh refinement technology, allows users to find layout problems quickly and warns of possible bond wire and via electromigration damage prior to the fabrication of a prototype.

“SIwave is a key technology for enabling the new era of mixed-signal electronics design driven by form-factor, functionality and integration,” said Dr. Zoltan Cendes, chairman and chief technology officer of Ansoft. “Extreme integration in wireless handheld devices, for example, creates new challenges for RF performance, system signal integrity, system-level EMI, low power and communications reliability. SIwave, combined with HFSS(TM), Nexxim(R) and DesignerSI(TM), form a system design platform capable of addressing these challenges.”

SIwave accurately simulates the electromagnetic behavior of complex PCBs and IC packages, including multiple, arbitrarily shaped power and ground layers and any number of vias and signal traces. The resulting full-wave S-,Y- or Z-parameters or GHz-bandwidth circuit model is used in concert with time- and frequency-domain analyses within Nexxim and DesignerSI or third-party SPICE-compatible circuit tools. Engineers use SIwave to extract a model for the complex interactions among traces on the board, the coupled impedances within the IC package and between package pins and the PCB. That model can then be used in a top-level circuit simulation to characterize the nonlinear behavior of an IC, including the package and board parasitics. This chip-package-board co-simulation is critical for reliable integrated electronics system performance.

Highlights of SIwave v3.5

  • Fast and efficient DC solver (for IR drop verification)
  • 64-bit capability for all solvers
  • Frequency-dependent source implementation
    • Linear interpolation to fit external source datasets
    • External sources can have frequency-dependent impedance
  • Frequency-dependent material model (Djordjevic-Sarkar)
  • Causal trace and via models
  • Visualization of near E and H fields
  • Clip Design tool to quickly remove extraneous portions of complex designs
  • Improved dynamic link between SIwave and HFSS
    • Link based on both E- and H-field
  • Automated frequency spectrum transfer using dynamic link to Nexxim v3.5 and Ansoft Designer v3.5

Pricing and Availability
SIwave v3.5 is available on the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows(R) XP Professional; Windows XP Professional x64 Edition; Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition; Windows Server 2003 Standard x64 Edition; and Red Hat Enterprise Linux(R) 3 and 4. For pricing information, contact your nearest Ansoft sales office.

About Ansoft
Ansoft is a leading developer of high-performance electronic design automation (EDA) software. Engineers use Ansoft software to achieve first-pass system success when designing mobile communication and Internet-access devices, broadband networking components and systems, integrated circuits (ICs), printed circuit boards (PCBs), automotive electronic and power electronics systems. Ansoft markets its products worldwide through its own direct sales force and has comprehensive customer-support and training offices throughout North America, Asia and Europe.