VSI Alliance to Close Operations

The VSI Alliance (VSIA), the leading IP standards body for the electronics industry, announced that the Board has voted to close operations and transfer the work of the VSIA to other organizations who develop IP and electronics standards. The VSIA Board will act as a stewardship committee shepherding the donation of VSIA IP standards to other industry organizations, supporting the industry’s goal of consolidating this work.

“When VSIA was founded in 1996, IP reuse, systems on chips and virtual platforms were mere glimmers in the eyes of advanced thinkers,” noted Kathy Werner, VSIA president and Freescale IP Manager. Werner continued, “VSIA brought together the EDA, Electronics and Semiconductor industries to make a dramatic design paradigm shift. The increasing proliferation of SoCs and virtual platforms in 2007 is testimony that VSIA has succeeded in making that paradigm shift a reality.”

Key standards including the Quality IP (QIP) Metric, the Encryption work currently underway within the IP Protection working group, and the Soft and Hard Tagging standards, also within the IP Protection working group, are being considered for donation to IEEE and other organizations. The QIP Metric, which has been downloaded by hundreds of companies worldwide, is a mature, widely adopted standard that can benefit from moving to the next level of adoption and review that can be provided by the well established IEEE.

The Encryption efforts began with a Synplicity donation to the VSIA IP Protection working group. VSIA brought together several key companies to further work on this project. The Encryption working group plans to complete a white paper and first draft of the standard by end of Q3. Between now and Q3, the VSIA Stewardship Committee will work with the Encryption group to explore the possibility of donating these works as well as the Hard and Soft Tagging standards, also within the IP Protection working group, to the IEEE and/or other appropriate groups.

Standards and documents created within the IP Transport group have been commercialized through adoption by Chip Estimate and D&R.

“This is the end of an era for VSIA and the industry, but not the end of the successful work created by the Alliance,” said Gary Delp, VSIA CTO and LSI Distinguished Engineer. “We will find the best home for each of our standards so that the industry can continue to benefit from the thousands of hours donated by many companies and individuals over the past eleven years.”

All VSIA standards have been provided to the CSIG (China Special Interest Group) and will be translated into Chinese. The VSIA Stewardship Group will work with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) to incorporate the HKUST Deliverable Checklist into the QIP work moving forward.

About VSIA
The VSI Alliance (VSIA) is an open, international organization that includes representatives from all segments of the SoC industry. VSIA’s 11 year mission was to dramatically enhance the productivity of the SoC design community by providing leading edge commercial and technical solutions and insight into the development, integration and reuse of IP.