Atmel Debuts 128K-bit Serial EEPROM in 8-pin Ultra Thin MLP Package

Atmel(R) Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced the industry’s first 128K-bit Serial EEPROM device in an 8-pin ultra thin MLP (2 x 3mm) leadless package with overall height of 0.60mm. The 8-pin ultra thin MLP (2 x 3 x 0.60mm) package is now offered in densities from 1K-bit to 128K-bit for the 2-wire Serial EEPROM (AT24) and 1K-bit to 64K-bit in the SPI Serial EEPROM (AT25) family.

The package is ideal for compact and portable consumer applications such as MP3 players, digital cameras and remote controls. In addition, the MLP package is ideal for a wide range of height constrained communication applications including, Bluetooth modules and mobile phones. Traditionally, the MLP (2 x 3mm) package has been limited to low density Serial EEPROM devices. Atmel is the first to market this package for high-density Serial EEPROM devices up to 128K-bit. Previously, the highest available density by the industry in a 2X3 mm MLP was a 32K Serial EEPROM.

“Fitting a 128K-bit Serial EEPROM in an ultra thin MLP package offers designers with maximum flexibility, in board space savings and overall height, while maintaining the capability to migrate up in density from 1K-bit up to 128K-bit without changing the board layout,” said Bassam Khoury, Managing Director for the Serial Interface Product Line. “Atmel’s leading edge technology enabled us to accomplish this breakthrough in package technology.”

The ultra thin MLP (2 x 3mm) package is available now in densities from 1K-bit up to 128K-bit in the 2-wire family and 1K-bit up to 64K-bit in the SPI family. The 8-pin MLP package is offered in a Pb-Free (Green), Halogen-Free and RoHS compliant packaging with the industry’s high reliability NiPdAu finish.

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