Immersion Licenses VibeTonz Tactile Feedback to Nokia

Immersion Corporation (NASDAQ:IMMR), a leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, announced that Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) has obtained a long-term, worldwide license for Immersion’s VibeTonz(R) tactile feedback system for mobile devices. The license gives Nokia, the world’s leading mobile device manufacturer, the rights to use VibeTonz technology to enhance mobile device operation.

“This license with Nokia supports the potential for very widespread use of our VibeTonz System — and the VibeTonz System supports the potential for a much fuller, more multisensory experience for users,” said Immersion CEO Victor Viegas. “With VibeTonz technology, Nokia can very purposefully access the sense of touch and add value throughout the mobile device.”

A single implementation of the VibeTonz System can supply several advantages, including off-load dependence on sight and sound, which can enhance safety and ease operation in some situations. Tactile feedback has also been found to improve execution time, error rate, and information capacity.(1) More specifically, the technology allows touchscreen-based mobile devices to provide unmistakable tactile cues in response to touchscreen presses. It can enliven mobile games with touch feedback similar to that found in console games; heighten the music and ringtone fun-factor by “turning up the sub-woofers” with a vibe beat; make operation easier and more intuitive by pairing audio/visual with tactile cues for events such as call dropped, ringing, and busy; and make alerts more discernible and memorable by varying how they feel, from a reverberating gong effect to a subtle tapping.

Under the license, Nokia has the right to use Immersion’s VibeTonz Mobile Player in its mobile devices sold worldwide. Immersion will supply its VibeTonz SDK to Nokia’s Forum Nokia developer community for creating downloadable applications and content for VibeTonz-enabled products.

(1) The Value of Haptics: A summary of recent published findings on the value of haptic feedback in human-computer interaction. Immersion Corporation, 2007.

About the VibeTonz System
The field-proven VibeTonz System, comprised of VibeTonz Mobile Player and VibeTonz SDK, delivers a broad range of tactile feedback effects to make user interface features, applications, and downloadable, multimedia content more intuitive and engaging. Embedded in mobile devices, VibeTonz Mobile Player exerts precise, high-speed control over the vibration actuator to produce tactile effects with unprecedented subtlety and dynamics. VibeTonz SDK provides cross-platform APIs and a suite of authoring tools for making development and customization of tactile feedback fast and easy.

About Immersion Corporation
Founded in 1993, Immersion Corporation is a recognized leader in developing, licensing, and marketing digital touch technology and products. Using Immersion’s advanced touch feedback technology, electronic user interfaces can be made more productive, compelling, entertaining, or safer. Immersion’s technology is deployed across automotive, entertainment, industrial controls, medical training, mobility, and three-dimensional simulation markets. Immersion’s patent portfolio includes over 600 issued or pending patents in the U.S. and other countries.

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