Fairchild Semiconductor Creates System-in-a-Package Ballast IC for CFL

Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE: FCS) introduces the FAN7710, the most highly integrated ballast IC on the market specifically developed for compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) designs. Offering a “system-in-a-package” approach, the FAN7710 optimizes performance while simplifying design and overcoming the space limitations of CFL lighting applications.

The FAN7710 combines one high-side 625V gate driver circuit, two 550V MOSFETs, a frequency control circuit and a shunt regulator — plus the added features of active ZVS control and an open lamp detection function — into one ultra-compact 8-DIP package. As the most integrated device among similar solutions, the FAN7710 helps designers simplify designs by reducing component count. The FAN7710′s high functionality and built-in protection features save board space, reduce power dissipation and result in excellent temperature characteristics and enhanced reliability in end systems.

In addition to the FAN7710, Fairchild offers the FAN7711 for linear fluorescent lamp (LFL) designs as well as CFL applications. This ballast IC integrates all but the two high-power MOSFETs offered by the FAN7710 to make it better suited to LFL designs. The FAN7711 is available in both 8-DIP and 8-SOP packages.

“As the most highly integrated ballast IC available, the FAN7710 is an ideal system-in-a-package solution for saving space in CFL designs,” said Jay Lee, director of Fairchild’s Lighting product line. “By also offering the FAN7711 for both LFL and CFL applications, Fairchild’s product portfolio offers designers the flexibility to optimize power, performance and space according to their specific application requirements.”

The FAN7710 and FAN7711 offer the following key features:

  • Built-in adaptive ZVS control increases system stability and eliminates external open-lamp circuit protection and a built-in 15V shunt regulator ensures stable operation.
  • Two fewer frequency and time-control pins, compared to the four pins required by conventional devices, helps simplify system design.
  • Programmable preheat time and run frequency enhances flexibility.
  • Built-in HVIC utilizing a noise-canceling circuit feature (over high dv/dt common-mode noise), UVLO function and a shoot-through-preventing output buffer increases reliability.

These products are available in lead (Pb)-free packages that meet or exceed the requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020C and are compliant with the European Union requirements now in effect.

Price (each, 1000 pcs): FAN7710 US$ 1.51, FAN7711 US$ 1.25
Availability: Samples available now
Delivery: 12 weeks ARO

About Fairchild Semiconductor
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