Verigy Announces Port Scale RF for V93000 SoC Test Platform

Verigy (NASDAQ:VRGY), a premier semiconductor test company, introduced the Port Scale RF solution for the V93000 SoC Test Platform. This new solution provides the cost-effective, reliable RF measurement capability required to test emerging high-integration devices containing integrated RF, mixed signal, digital, power management and embedded or stacked memory, as well as low-integration RF transceivers. Verigy developed the Port Scale RF solution for the V93000 SoC test system to meet the current and future requirements of semiconductor fabless design companies, integrated device manufacturers, and outsourced semiconductor assembly and test companies.

“The emerging high-integration devices being manufactured today to power the next generation of mobile consumer electronics devices are posing significant challenges to our customers,” said Pascal Ronde, vice president of sales, service and support, Verigy. “The architecture of the V93000 platform allows us to add this RF capability while achieving remarkable throughput, and still maintaining the lowest cost-of-test.”

Today RF is pervasive, a required element in a variety of wireless-enabled devices and communications applications from cell phones, to satellite-based navigation equipment, tuners and set-top boxes. RF is also required in PCs and laptops supporting standards such as WiMAX, WLAN, Bluetooth and UWB. Previously, RF components were separate parts, “jelly beans;” now, increasingly, multiple RF radios are integrated into a single IC. Similarly, devices such as mobile phones are designed to meet the standards of multiple geographies, such as GSM/CDMA, CDMA2000, EDGE and EV-DO. As a result, designs that previously would have included a single receiver now often include as many as four or more RF transceivers. As these different RF communication standards are integrated into one RF circuit, the challenges for test increase dramatically. Verigy developed the Port Scale RF in anticipation of its customers’ emerging requirements for maintaining lowest possible cost-of-test (COT), for both high-integration and low-integration RF devices.

Architecture for Optimized Throughput
The Port Scale RF solution is a solid state design with all of the RF resources located in the V93000 test head. Unlike other solutions which use slow external equipment, the Port Scale RF solution is based on fast solid state components that do not compromise throughput, performance or measurement accuracy.

The solution can be configured with 12, 24 or 48 RF ports. True quad-site is achieved with 24 RF ports and, with its high multi-site parallel efficiency, the solution addresses the port counts required by high-integration devices and provides the highest test efficiency to achieve the lowest COT. Port Scale RF meets increasing performance, yield and economic demands, offering high performance, with highly accurate, stable measurements and the industry’s lowest noise floor (down to -161 dBm/Hz).

Faster Time-to-Market
Port Scale RF features integrated analog and RF test setup, integrated test flow and step-by-step debug tools to reduce test development time. Verigy has added fast and accurate “one-click” intelligent calibration, and now uses a powerful Eclipse(TM) software environment with an active hardware view, which provides the user with an intuitive, graphical view of the RF measurement block diagram, and the ability to export RF setups to test method templates. The solid state RF design and the unique, water-cooled architecture of the V93000 mean that no test plan calibration is required during most of the development phase.

Advanced Hardware for Breakthrough Performance
Verigy incorporates the industry’s highest functionality per square centimeter onto single slot cards inserted into the V93000 test head, for smaller tester footprint and lower cost. The Port Scale RF solution is comprised of the following modular cards and kit:

  • RF Source card (instrument-quality signal generator 10 MHz-6 GHz)
  • RF Front End card (each provides 12 RF ports)
  • RF Interface (provides, high-density, robust RF interface to customers’ load board and probe cards)
  • MB AV8 card (provides 4 arbitrary wave generator (AWG) cores and 4 digitizer cores)
  • 48 port RF calibration kit (support up to 10 RF systems with 1 kit)

Pricing and Availability
The Port Scale RF solution starts at USD $320,000. Verigy is accepting customer orders now, and first shipments begin in July 2007.

About the Verigy V93000
The Verigy V93000 provides a scalable platform architecture for testing SoCs, system-in-packages (SIPs) and high-speed memory devices. The V93000, now with more than 1,500 systems installed worldwide, meets the industry’s demanding performance and cost challenges, whether for at-speed engineering characterization or high-volume production. The test system provides massive multi-site capabilities, with data rates up to 12.8 Gbps and supports a full range of digital, mixed-signal and RF applications. It provides low cost-of-test for wireless applications such as cellular, WLAN, WiMax, and UWB.

About Verigy
Verigy designs, develops, manufactures, sells and services advanced test systems and solutions for the memory and system-on-chip segments of the semiconductor industry. Verigy’s scalable platform systems are used by leading semiconductor companies worldwide in design validation, characterization, and high volume manufacturing test. Formerly part of Agilent Technologies, the company began doing business as Verigy on June 1, 2006, and completed its initial public offering on June 13, 2006.

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