Verigy Introduces V93000 Nanoelectronics Digital Solution

Verigy (NASDAQ:VRGY), a premier semiconductor test company, introduced the V93000 Nanoelectronics Digital solution for structural and functional test for wafer sort and final test of advanced digital ICs at 65nm and beyond. By providing accurate diagnostic and parametric data, the Nanoelectronics Digital solution allows manufacturers to target new failure mechanisms that reduce manufacturing yield at 65nm and smaller, a key challenge in the migration to new smaller nodes. The solution delivers insights that benefit new designs and does so efficiently, accelerating time-to-market at the lowest cost-of-test (CoT).

“The nanoelectronics era challenges conventional wisdom about the role of test in the manufacturing flow,” said Pascal Ronde, vice president of sales, services and support, Verigy. “Automated test equipment is relinquishing its role as simply a pass/fail tool, and becoming a critical yield-enhancement tool for high volume manufacturing. Our new solution will allow V93000 users to collect accurate diagnostic and parametric data required for testing nanoelectronics, and its multi-site efficiency will set a new standard in productivity.”

As they move to process nodes at 65nm and smaller, manufacturers are facing test challenges caused by new failure mechanisms, such as transition and bridging faults, design process interaction and inter- and intra-die variations. The challenge is made greater by growing scan vector volumes, plus more use of on-chip compression and built-in self-test (BIST) structures. Measurement accuracy also becomes more critical due to the lower voltages and higher speeds typical with smaller geometries, in addition to the integration of performance analog and DC. With the challenging initial yields in nanoelectronics, accurate measurements have taken on new importance for closing the loop between test and design to enable rapid yield learning and improvement.

Verigy recognizes the imperative for a solution that allows maximum insight while achieving the highest possible manufacturing efficiency, including rapidly moving the data off the tester for volume yield diagnostics. It allows manufacturers to take advantage of the latest test methodologies, such as more multi-site, reduced pin count access, and loop-back methodologies, while reducing data collection to only the most relevant information.

Integrated Hardware for Optimal Throughput
Verigy incorporates the industry’s highest functionality per square centimeter onto single slot cards inserted into the V93000 test head, for smaller tester footprint and lower cost. The V93000 Nanoelectronics Digital solution includes the following compact test head-based configurations:

  • Pin Scale 400 digital pin card, scaling from DC IO to 533 Mbps
  • Integrated large fail-data capture and ultra-fast data transfer
  • DC Scale DPS32 — 32 channels per card for testing multiple power; domains in multi-site, and fast synchronous triggering for improved repeatability and highest throughput
  • STIL link package
  • Integrated TIA per pin

Pricing and Availability
The Nanoelectronics Digital solution starts at USD $499,000, and is available now.

About the Verigy V93000
The Verigy V93000 provides a scalable architecture for testing SoCs, system-in-packages (SIPs) and high-speed memory devices. The V93000, now with more than 1,500 systems installed worldwide, meets the industry’s demanding performance and cost challenges, whether for at-speed engineering characterization or high-volume production. The test system provides massive multi-site capabilities, with data rates up to 12.8 Gbps and supports a full range of digital, mixed-signal and RF applications. It provides low cost-of-test for wireless applications such as cellular, WLAN, WiMax, and UWB.

About Verigy
Verigy designs, develops, manufactures, sells and services advanced test systems and solutions for the memory and system-on-chip segments of the semiconductor industry. Verigy’s scalable platform systems are used by leading semiconductor companies worldwide in design validation, characterization, and high volume manufacturing test. Formerly part of Agilent Technologies, the company began doing business as Verigy on June 1, 2006, and completed its initial public offering on June 13, 2006.