Trolltech Debuts Qtopia Greenphone Grant Program for Mobile Developers

Trolltech announced a Qtopia(R) Greenphone(TM) Grant Program. The Grant Program is offered to open source developers who wish to experiment creating or enhancing applications for mobile devices. Under the Grant Program, accepted applicants will receive a complimentary Qtopia Greenphone and Qtopia SDK.

Qtopia Greenphone, a Linux mobile development device open for unlimited software innovation, aims to bring the customization and choice we now have on our PCs to mobile phones. The native software of today’s mobile phones, including the address book and user interface is currently closed to the user. This one size fits all approach is no longer appropriate in a world where choice and freedom to customize is demanded by consumers. The ability to offer choice to consumers is also a way for telecom operators to differentiate their offerings.

A limited number of devices have been set aside for the Qtopia Greenphone Grant Program. In order to select applicants from the pool of expected entries, Trolltech asks entrants to describe the application they would like to develop. Entries will be considered based on the functionality, practical uses and originality of the described application. Entries are being accepted now until August 7, 2007 or until the devices set aside for the Grant Program are fully distributed.

“Qtopia Greenphone is the first open mobile phone of its kind,” commented David Bialer, Trolltech’s ecosystem director. “We really encourage open source developers to experiment and use their talents to create innovative applications by participating in the Grant Program.”

About Trolltech
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