PLDA Doubles Throughput in PCIe Gen 2 Demonstration

PLDA, the industry leader in the high-speed bus IP market, recently demonstrated a complete system using its industry-leading PCIe Gen 2 XpressRich IP. The PLDA demonstration showcased throughput numbers almost double that of solutions used in previous industry demonstrations.

The PLDA PCIe Gen 2 demo was run on a server platform featuring next generation processors from the industry leading processor manufacturer. Using a hardware prototyping board, the demo performed extensive DMA transfer to the server memory (simultaneous write & reads) while throughput measurement software displayed the actual throughput of functional data. During the demo, the PCIe link was established at 5 GHz and some of the industry’s best known companies were able to see measured simultaneous throughput of 350 MB/s (write to the server memory) and 380 MB/s (read to server memory). Read-only and Write-only throughput is a bit higher, achieving about 80% of the maximum theoretical throughput. This is in direct contrast to other recent demos that were able to validate PCIe Gen 2 at only Gen I throughput.

“Our customers are on a constant quest for faster throughput for their critical applications,” stated Stephane Hauradou, PLDA’s CTO. “Customers that attended the demo commented that the PLDA solution was able to produce much higher transfer rates than they have typically seen, validated for them real time, on screen. The PLDA PCIe Gen 2 IP can provide a huge competitive advantage for companies looking to produce the fastest systems on the market.”

About PLDA
PLDA designs and sells a wide range of ASIC and FPGA interfacing solutions for the PCI Express, PCI-X, PCI and derivative protocols. The company offers complete solutions, including IP cores, hardware, software, consulting services, and comprehensive technical support provided directly by the IP designers. Founded in 1996 and profitable since its inception, PLDA is privately owned. The company maintains offices in California and France, and has a strong international Distributor’s network.