MontaVista Joins Community

MontaVista(R) Software, Inc., a leading provider of Linux(R) for intelligent devices and communications infrastructure, has joined the community at the sponsoring membership level. As a sponsor, MontaVista will support the mission of to develop, enable, and promote Power Architecture technology as the preferred open standard hardware development platform for the electronics industry.

“MontaVista is a highly respected leader in the Linux community and a provider of important Linux distributions, developer tools, and services, particularly for the communications and mobile platform markets,” said Michael Paczan, CTO, IBM, Chairman Technical Committee, IBM Systems and Technology Group. “Their participation will help to continue to deliver both software and platform-related specifications and guidelines that contribute to innovative new Power Architecture products.”

Product developers combine commercially available hardware and software as the foundation of their products. Sponsorship of gives MontaVista the opportunity to shape the innovation of Power Architecture technology and to participate in the development of the guidelines that steer the work and perspectives of the organization.

“Thousands of product design teams around the world rely on MontaVista to guide the evolution of commercial embedded Linux,” said Jim Ready, CTO and founder of MontaVista Software. “By collaborating with community members, MontaVista will help advance technology that is open, flexible, and interoperable. Sponsoring the community demonstrates our commitment to enhancing open standard software and hardware, and our support for the Power Architecture.”

Facilitated by, Power Architecture technology offers the broadest, most diverse market penetration of any microprocessor today. MontaVista will significantly contribute to global issues impacting Power Architecture technology and open standard hardware development.

“Members of the community value open standards and recognize the benefits of a collaborative approach to overcoming the challenges created by technology and market trends,” said Carlos Gutierrez, chief of staff for Freescale Semiconductor’s Networking & Computing Systems Group. “The commendable expertise of MontaVista in the embedded Linux industry will add great value to our diverse and growing community that is constantly working to optimize interoperability and accelerate innovation for a positive user experience.”

About MontaVista Software
MontaVista Software, Inc., is the leading provider of Linux for intelligent devices and telecommunications infrastructure. MontaVista delivers a commercial-quality Linux operating system, time-saving development tools, expert support, and design and migration services. MontaVista has more than 400 partners, and thousands of companies use MontaVista embedded Linux to add functionality, increase reliability, reduce costs, and accelerate product development. MontaVista has offices in 15 countries.

About open community collaborates on hardware and software specifications, standards and solutions based on the Power Architecture platform. Power Architecture technology is behind millions of innovative products, including the world’s fastest supercomputers, leading video game consoles, and electronic systems in most of today’s car models. Every phone call, email and Web page touches hundreds of Power Architecture systems.

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