Archetype, Stellar Create Hybrid Satellite, Cellular Communicator

Archetype, Inc., a global provider of complete GSM asset tracking and management solutions in the machine-to-machine (M2M) marketplace, announced that it has joined forces with Stellar Satellite Communications, a leading manufacturer of satellite modems for the ORBCOMM satellite network, to develop and market a new line of hybrid products and related services for the worldwide M2M industry. The products will use both satellite and cellular phone networks for GPS-based vehicle tracking.

Archetype’s ST series tracking modules will be integrated with Stellar’s DS100 satellite transceiver to produce a new product line. The STHO series will be more ruggedized and will include ORBCOMM satellite capabilities. Options include all four GSM bands for both US-based and international applications. The STHO will be distributed through both companies’ distribution channels, having completed the certification process to operate in most primary markets globally with others pending.

“The market has demanded a truly global and cost-effective asset tracking solution for years,” said Jason Cooner, president of Archetype, Inc. “By collaborating with Stellar on the joint development of satellite and cellular-based tracking products and combining our TerraTrace backend infrastructure we can offer our customers secure, real-time updates in all ORBCOMM licensed countries and GSM carriers at price points never before achieved for comparable solutions.”

“The products will be designed initially to operate on the GSM backbone, and then intelligently switch to the ORBCOMM satellite network if a GSM signal cannot be acquired,” said Zvi Huber, general manager, Stellar Satellite Communications. “In addition, our customers will have the option of utilizing Archetype’s highly secure infrastructure to access machine diagnostic data and ERP services both domestically and globally.”

About Archetype
Archetype, Inc. is a leading provider of GSM and satellite-based Web-enabled GPS asset tracking and management solutions with a rapidly growing global presence in the emerging M2M marketplace. Archetype’s Unix-based architecture provides a mission-critical, fully redundant, highly available environment for M2M customers. All complete solutions offer fully secured data links and rapid scalability on a worldwide scale with unsurpassed performance and reliability. Combined with a suite of complementary ASP infrastructure products and a complete hardware platform, Archetype provides fully customized end-to-end solutions for applications in the heavy equipment, oil and gas, agriculture, public sector, and police and military industries. The company was founded in 2002 and is currently doing business across five continents spanning over 150 countries.

About Stellar Satellite Communications
Since 1994, Stellar Satellite Communications has designed and manufactured data communications products for use on the ORBCOMM satellite network for two-way messaging, tracking and monitoring applications. Stellar products are approved for use around the world, and are designed and field proven to withstand harsh environments common to many industrial applications. Stellar Satellite Communications is a wholly owned subsidiary of ORBCOMM Inc. For more information, call (703) 433-6500.