NXP Introduces Fail-Safe, System Basis Chips for Cars

NXP, the independent semiconductor company founded by Philips, launched the world’s first family of fail-safe CAN-LIN system basis chips (SBCs) with integrated diagnostics for smarter Electronic Control Units (ECUs), raising the industry standard for in-vehicle networking. NXP has launched two new fail-safe SBCs as part of this family: the UJA1061 fault-tolerant CAN/LIN SBC and, the UJA1065 high-speed CAN/LIN SBC.

Capable of supporting all In-Vehicle Networking (IVN) applications that control various power and sensor peripherals by using fault-tolerant CAN or High-speed CAN as the main network interface and LIN as a local sub-bus, the fail-safe SBCs offer car manufacturers an intelligent combination of system-specific functions, including:

  • Advanced fail-safe system behavior that prevents any conceivable deadlock
  • Detailed status reporting on system and sub-system levels
  • Safe and controlled system start-up behavior and smart operating and power management modes
  • The ability to create partial CAN networks

“NXP’s new fail-safe SBCs are based on insights from carmakers, who need reliable networks for various in-car communications and also do not allow for battery drainage or network deadlock should any ECU fail,” said Rob Bouwer, International Product Marketing Manager, NXP Semiconductors. “The diagnostic capabilities of the NXP SBCs further enhance consumer experience by detecting and logging problems that get resolved at the service shop, before the driver notices.”

NXP’s fail-safe SBCs offer versatility of integration with various car manufacturers for a variety of applications, including body control modules, rain and light sensors, seat and door modules, as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The SBCs help improve network reliability by keeping ECU faults locally, preventing adverse effects on the entire network. These SBCs also support intelligent, restrictive activation of only those ECUs required for communications to ensure low levels of power consumption.

The world’s first fail-safe family of SBCs for in-car applications is available now from NXP. This family will further be expanded in Q3 2007 with the UJA1069 fail-safe LIN SBC and in Q4 2007 with the UJA1066 fail-safe high-speed CAN SBC.

More info: UJA1061 | UJA1065

About NXP Semiconductors
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