eSilicon Creates HardCore Program for ARM Core-Based Chips

eSilicon Corporation, a pioneering semiconductor Value Chain Producer (VCP), launched the eSilicon HardCore(TM) Program, which offers a broad portfolio of pre-hardened ARM(R) processor cores. The Program, which will also offer cores from other IP suppliers, provides easy-to-integrate hard macrocells that are optimized for performance, power or area, reducing design risk while enabling faster time-to-market.

Most foundry programs offer pre-hardened cores which are verified in a limited set of configurations, for a limited set of process nodes, and are typically optimized for maximum performance. However, chip designers require access to a wider range of configurations which more closely match their specific requirements.

The eSilicon HardCore Program supplements current foundry program offerings, providing fabless semiconductor companies and system OEMs a broader portfolio of cores which are optimized for a wider range of requirements, such as die size or power in addition to performance. With a larger portfolio of pre-hardened cores to choose from, designers can select the core that best meets the needs of their specific application.

“Many customers are coming to us with chip designs that can benefit from a pre-hardened processor core, but with requirements that can’t be met with the cores available through other channels,” said Hugh Durdan, VP of Marketing, eSilicon. “With the introduction of the eSilicon HardCore Program, we are extending the range of configurations and process nodes currently available in the market today, enabling a new generation of products to get to market quickly and more cost-effectively.”

The eSilicon HardCore Program will offer a full range of processors available on TSMC technologies, from 250nm to 65nm. ARM7(TM) family, ARM9(TM) family, ARM10(TM) family and ARM11(TM) family implementations are currently available.

About eSilicon
eSilicon, an industry-leading Value Chain Producer (VCP) for the semiconductor industry, provides a comprehensive suite of design, productization and manufacturing services, enabling a flexible, low-cost, lower-risk path to volume production. The company delivers chips to system OEMs and fabless semiconductor companies who serve a wide variety of markets including the consumer, computer, communications and industrial segments. eSilicon – Enabling Your Silicon Success(TM).

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