EGT Launches VIPr-IPx Carrier-Class Video Processor

EGT, provider of the most comprehensive video processing technology for digital networks, announced the launch of the EGT VIPr-IPx Video Processor. The EGT VIPr-IPx is a multi-channel, multi-format IP video headend solution built on a flexible, carrier-class programmable platform. The EGT VIPr architecture utilizes an efficient programmable processing engine and is capable of encoding up to 36 channels of MPEG-2, 18 channels of MPEG-4, or a combination of both formats in the same chassis.

“The EGT VIPr-IPx video processor expands our cable customers’ ability to encode more channels while delivering the efficiencies so far only enjoyed by telcos,” said EGT’s CTO, John Hartung. “The hot-swappable channels and built in redundancy make the product extremely reliable and easy to customize, allowing it to adapt and evolve with our customers’ networks.”

The robust design of the EGT VIPr-IPx video processor delivers the highest quality video encoding in a high capacity, 12 rack unit chassis. The most flexible dual format encoding solution in the industry, VIPr-IPx includes hot-swappable processing cards and fan trays, redundant and hot-swappable power supplies, and redundant IP media ports. Feature-rich with advanced pre-processing, embedded multiplexing, transcoding, IP media aggregation, DTMF and cue-trigger detection, the VIPr-IPx is the only carrier-grade high capacity video encoding solution to offer optional digital program insertion (DPI), variable bit rate (VBR) and Pro-MPEG forward error correction (FEC).

The VIPr-IPx is the ideal video processing solution for cable and telco service providers who want a multi-functional IP video headend in a dense, all-in-one chassis. For operators who are faced with implementing both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 into their digital architectures, the VIPr-IPx provides the flexibility to use both formats. EGT’s proprietary pre-processing and pre-filtering algorithms, and in-house improvements in MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video encoding, set the VIPr-IPx apart from existing technologies.

Like all of EGT’s video processing products, the EGT VIPr(TM) series are built on open, programmable platforms offering superior, cost-effective processing solutions that no other encoders can deliver. Coupled with their modular, adaptable product design concept, the EGT VIPr products are engineered to meet the needs of today’s cable and telco video delivery networks, while allowing for future upgrades and options as architectures evolve.

About EGT
Headquartered in Atlanta, EGT provides the most comprehensive video processing technology for digital networks, including today’s leading multiple system operators and telecommunications companies across the globe. With an employee base dominated by engineering PhD’s, the company’s patented technologies are changing the industry’s approach to architecting digital video encoding equipment. All of EGT’s video processors are multi-functional, flexible, and scalable, making EGT’s technology the ideal digital simulcast, VOD and IP TV solution available anywhere today. EGT’s ENCORE (premium MPEG-2 encoder with embedded cascade multiplexing and DPI) and HEMi (Head End Micro edge encoder) deliver the most powerful capabilities in programmable open platforms, allowing video service providers to leverage existing infrastructure to meet the needs of their rapidly changing video marketplace.