Excel Software Ships MacTranslator OSX 2.0

Excel Software began shipping MacTranslator 2.0 for generating graphic models from source code. This major upgrade adds PHP support and namespaces for other languages to organize captured code design. PHP is a modern language for web site development that supports procedural and object-oriented programming with integrated database support. UML class diagrams show PHP classes, interfaces, relationships and class member details. Structure charts show the hierarchical structure of function calls for each thread of execution. MacTranslator scans PHP source code to extract design information to a text file that is imported into the MacA&D modeling tool to generate models.

MacA&D supports Class diagrams and Structure Chart diagrams enriched with PHP language specific details. Within MacA&D, diagrams contain objects linked directly to the associated code. An integrated code browser provides seamless navigation between diagrams and code.

MacTranslator generates models and dictionary information from legacy source code, class frameworks, open source projects and other reusable code assets. It provides a fully automated, step-by-step process to quickly create diagrams and dictionary information that documents an unfamiliar project.

  • Project Scalability to Millions of Code Lines Across Thousands of Files and Folders
  • Class Models from Object-Oriented C++, Objective-C, Java, Delphi or PHP
  • Rich Data Models from SQL
  • Structure Charts from Procedural C, Pascal, Basic, Fortran or PHP
  • Multi-Level Diagrams with Objects Linked to Associated Source Code
  • Data Types, Arguments, Namespaces and Comments Captured from Code

PHP programs are event driven by end-user actions like clicking a button or selecting a menu on a web page. A user event often triggers a thread of execution that involves dozens or even thousands of PHP code lines to run. Together, MacA&D and MacTranslator can shift through and identify each thread of execution. A separate Structure Chart is generated for each thread. Reused branches of a program are presented on a shared child diagram. The process is automated so little human effort is required to reveal the structure of existing code.

MacTranslator is a Universal Binary application for Intel and PPC Macintosh computers priced at $495.

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