QuickLogic Introduces Compact Flash Host Controller

QuickLogic(R) Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK), the leader in lowest power programmable solutions, announced an addition to its integrated programmable connectivity solution portfolio targeting mobile devices. The company has released a full Compact Flash host controller to provide designers with simple access to this common memory technology.

Compact Flash was introduced in 1994 initially as an interface to flash data card storage. Over time, it has been enhanced to support micro hard disk drives and peripheral devices such as Wi-Fi, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Scanner modules. Although Secure Digital (SD) card has gained more popularity due to its simpler interface, Compact Flash is still required for devices such as Enterprise PDAs, Portable Industrial ePOS, and high-end digital cameras.

Compact Flash is a high pin-count interface, and as a result, many of the latest application processors no longer support it in order to reduce cost. QuickLogic’s Compact Flash host controller acts as a companion device to the application processor, enabling connectivity to a host of Compact Flash devices on the market. It preserves the investment made in Compact Flash peripherals by consumers while allowing them to take advantage of the more powerful emerging application processors.

QuickLogic’s Compact Flash host controller solution supports the CF+ specification including memory, data storage, I/O and True IDE mode. It can be configured to work with Compact Flash memory cards, micro hard disk drives and a broad range of I/O peripherals. The processor interface implemented in the programmable fabric allows seamless connection to a variety of applications processors, enabling developers to quickly add Compact Flash to their mobile designs.

The Compact Flash host controller is the latest addition to QuickLogic’s Customer Specific Standard Product (CSSP) offerings, all of which reduce design time and risk by embedding high performance fixed-logic with a programmable fabric. The fixed-logic portion of the CSSP enables designers to optimize the product BOM cost and battery life, while still providing the flexibility to customize the programmable fabric portion to suit their individual product requirements. The Compact Flash solution can be integrated into QuickLogic’s PolarPro(TM), Eclipse(R) II, and ArcticLink(TM) product families.

Pricing and Availability
QuickLogic’s Compact Flash host controller solution is available now for under $2 in high volume.

About QuickLogic
QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK) is the leading provider of the lowest power programmable solutions for the mobile device, portable industrial and military markets. QuickLogic calls these solutions Customer Specific Standard Products (CSSPs) – a unique combination of hard-wired application-specific logic and a flexible programmable fabric for customer-specific design. QuickLogic CSSPs, offers today’s system architects the energy efficiency, flexibility and cost effectiveness they need to accelerate time-to-market and effectively differentiate their products in the mobile market. The company is located at 1277 Orleans Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1138.

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