OKI Samples Smallest 16bit Audio CODEC LSI

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (TOKYO:6703) unveiled samples of its “ML2612 Family (ML2612/ML2614/ML2616),” the world’s smallest 16bit audio CODEC LSI that are ideal for recording and playback applications in portable devices. Using OKI’s W-CSP(1) technology, the company succeeded in reducing the device size to 2.0mmx2.5mm for the ML2614/ML2616, the world’s smallest package of its kind. Volume production is expected to start from September 2007.

When a microphone is incorporated in a device, the audio CODEC LSI needs to be placed close to the microphone, as it digitalizes the weak signal from the microphone in a fine condition. Thus flexibility of physical design around the microphone is limited. As portable devices become smaller and thinner, there have been increasing demands to mount the audio CODEC LSI, together with other components that are a source of noise, on a single board via high-density packaging.

“We are pleased to introduce our latest, and world’s smallest, audio CODEC LSI of its kind which can limit sound degradation to a minimum, as the audio CODEC can be placed close to the microphone. To respond to the market needs, we included a microphone amplifier, A/D and D/A converters, and a speaker amplifier in the LSI using OKI’s W-CSP packaging,” said Masahiko Morioka, President of Silicon Solutions Company at Oki Electric Industry. “In this way, OKI was able to reduce the size of the audio CODEC LSI to one-third of conventional LSIs, thus enabling greater design flexibility around the microphone.”

The audio CODEC included in the LSI operates at 1.65V, a world class level. OKI succeeded in reducing the voltage of the analog area of the device, in which power consumption is large, and this in turn will enable lower power consumption in portable devices. The LSI also uses an interface circuit to connect to a digital microphone. Thus, noise will not be superposed even when the microphone and audio CODEC are placed apart from each other.

OKI has also included a programmable filter that can eliminate specific frequency noise coming from wind or the system when recording, and a programmable equalizer that can correct acoustic characteristics, such as difficulty in playing back low sound that are typical of small devices. With these filter and equalizer, OKI enabled to improve the recording and playback sound quality in portable devices.

About Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1881, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. is Japan’s first telecommunications manufacturer, with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. OKI provides top-quality products, technologies and solutions to its customers through its info-telecom system business, semiconductor business and printer business. All three businesses function as a collective force to create exciting new products and technologies that satisfy a spectrum of customer needs in various markets.

(1) W-CSP (Wafer level Chip Size Package): A technology to implement wafer-level packaging. LSI packages can be reduced to a chip size.