ICCAD Announces Keynote Speakers for 2007 Conference

The International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD), the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry’s premier technical conference in design, announced the two keynote speakers for the 2007 conference to be held on November 5-8 at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose. The full technical program will be available online by the end of August, 2007.

After receiving and evaluating 512 internationally diverse technical paper submissions, the conference finalized the program at its recent Technical Program Committee (TPC) meeting. The resulting acceptance rate was 26%, which underscores the unique quality of ICCAD’s program in this industry: a program almost exclusively based on peer-reviewed papers.

This year’s keynotes follow the long-term tradition of showcasing rigorous innovation in long-term design technology challenges.

“As the first design technology conference to establish a formal nano-technology track, ICCAD continues to drive the future of the design industry in this direction,” said Dr. Georges Gielen, ICCAD 2007 General Chair. As part of this leadership, ICCAD will feature a keynote address given by Dr. Jeffrey Welser, director of the Nano-Electronics Research Initiative, on Tuesday, November 6. Dr. Welser will speak on the challenges behind the creation of a successor to CMOS and how design technology will play a critical role in this development.

The second keynote will be by Dr. John Kibarian, founder, president and CEO of PDF Solutions, on Thursday, November 8. “Design technology is intimately connected to the enablement of the design-manufacturing interface at 65nm and below,” said Dr. Sani Nassif, ICCAD 2007 technical program chair. Dr. Kibarian’s talk will focus on proactive approaches to DFM with which yield-aware design flows can be constructed based on the thorough understanding and characterization of design-process interactions. It also includes a futuristic, robust, yet area-efficient approach based on extreme layout regularity.

About Dr. Jeffrey Welser, Director, SRC Nanoelectronics Research Initiative
Dr. Welser directs the SRC consortium’s nanoelectronics research, which is conducted in collaboration with U.S. federal and state government research agencies. Dr. Welser’s main goal is to develop an information element that can replace the complementary metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (CMOS FET) in the year 2020 or beyond, with an expectation to integrate the new information element with existing CMOS technology. A 20-year-veteran and industry leader in the semiconductor industry, Dr. Welser has had a number of important positions at IBM including: director of next-generation computing technology at IBM’s Almaden Research Center, director of high-performance CMOS technology, management committee leader for the Sony-Toshiba-AMD-IBM Development Alliance, and manager of the Exploratory Silicon Devices & Circuits organization at IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center.

About Dr. John Kibarian, CEO and President, PDF Solutions Inc.
John K. Kibarian, Ph.D., one of PDF Solutions, Inc.’s founders, has served as President since November 1991 and has served as PDF Solutions’ chief executive officer since July 2000. Dr. Kibarian has served as a director of PDF Solutions since December 1992. He received a B.S. in electrical engineering, an M.S. E.C.E. and a Ph.D. E.C.E. from Carnegie Mellon University.

Keynote and Program Publication
The ICCAD website will show a description of these keynotes and the overall program by the end of August, 2007. For more information and registration, please go online. The site also contains a freely accessible archive of past proceedings and presentations.

The International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD) is the world’s premier conference in electronic design technology and has served EDA and Design professionals for the last 24 years by highlighting new challenges and breakthrough innovative solutions for integrated circuit design technologies and systems.