Trolltech Acquires FONAV Unified Communications Platform

Trolltech announced that it has acquired the assets of FONAV, Inc., the maker of the FONAV unified communications platform. The platform, developed by FONAV using Trolltech’s Qtopia(R), is presence-based, multi-modal software that brings an easy-to-use rich communication solution to the mass market leveraging a platform for phone manufacturers and broadband service providers.

With the proliferation of Wi-Fi and WiMax connected devices and the growth of VoIP use in the home, handset manufacturers are looking for a standard platform for bringing connected devices to market quickly and to offer rich communication services with an attractive and friendly user experience.

Trolltech’s acquisition of FONAV will provide a solution that spans traditional cellular devices to VoIP devices enabling a rich communication experience. Trolltech is committed to its promise of delivering platforms that increase handset manufacturers’, consumer electronics makers’ and operators’ ability to bring innovative products to market quickly and cost-efficiently.

“Trolltech continues to position itself as the standard application platform for mobile devices,” said Haavard Nord, co-founder and co-CEO, Trolltech. “With this move, we’ve cemented our leadership in offering the best platform for Linux-based VoIP development,” he added.

Unified Communications Platform
The FONAV solution is expected to be incorporated into Trolltech’s Qtopia product line and offers a presence-based, unified live in-box for calls, email, instant messaging and voice messages. Presence is also integrated into the address book, and the user can easily control how and when he wishes to reach others providing an always-on connection to the user’s social network. The Platform also creates new revenue opportunities for service providers, including broadband and VoIP operators, wire-line operators and web portals/communities.

The Unified Communications Platform is fully SIP standards based and includes SIP compliant VoIP services with calls made to and received from any number. Instant messaging uses the open source Jabber (XMPP) protocol allowing users to communicate using text or voice with any open community such as Google(TM) Talk. Email includes POP3 and IMAP access and WiFi is compatible with 802.xx standards with secure access using hardware-based WEP and WPA. Hotspot authentication for selected wireless ISPs is also supported.

“The connected device space is booming with innovative devices – from the Nokia N800 to the Apple iPhone, or the Sony Mylo. A rich software platform is a key ingredient to building devices like these,” said Ram Fish, CEO, FONAV. “By combining forces with Trolltech, we now offer a rich open standards and open source platform for device vendors and a way of helping device manufacturers achieve fast time-to-market with a high quality user experience. Qtopia provides an excellent foundation to integrate multimedia, web and other technologies and enables phone manufacturers and service providers to innovate quickly at lower cost.”

The acquisition marks the first acquisition the company has made since its public offering in July 2006. FONAV was founded in January 2006 by Ram Fish and Dilip Kenchammana and funded by Charles River Ventures and individual investors. All FONAV employees will be incorporated into Trolltech’s Redwood City, California office.

About Trolltech
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The company’s family of products includes Qt(R), which sets the standard for high-performance, cross-platform software development; and Qtopia(R), the unrivaled application platform for the efficient creation of Linux devices.

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