ICS Triplex Wins Industrial Safety System Award

ICS Triplex plc received top honors in the safety systems market with an award from Frost & Sullivan. ICS Triplex received the North American Industrial Safety Systems Customer Value Excellence Award for its continued contribution to the safety systems market. ICS Triplex accepted the Customer Value Excellence Award, which recognizes ICS Triplex for excellence in consistently delivering customer value within the industry through its high-quality products and services for a wide range of safety needs.

ICS Triplex was honored at the Frost & Sullivan Excellence in Industrial Technologies Awards Banquet on April 25 at the Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa in Fort Myers, FL.

“The continual commitment to innovate, advance, and offer affordable solutions of the highest quality has positioned ICS Triplex as a provider of fully integrated turnkey solutions for critical control and safety systems and differentiates it from the rest of the competition,” said Virein Kumar Yadlapalli, research analyst for Safety Systems. “In appreciation of its diligence and dedication toward providing safety products and services of high value-to-cost ratio, Frost & Sullivan is proud to present this award to ICS Triplex.”

The Customer Value Excellence Award acknowledges the ICS Triplex success in consistently providing reliable products that offer customers added value and lower cost of ownership, thereby improving overall equipment effectiveness and return on assets. Frost & Sullivan noted that ICS Triplex had the ability to transform their technology and domain expertise into products with superior technology, and cited the Trusted(TM) fault-tolerant controller as an example. The technology embedded in Trusted(TM), as well as its ease of use, its regulation compliance, and small footprint makes it stand out from other products addressing similar needs.

One of the core competencies of ICS Triplex is their ability to provide solutions customized to the customers’ needs. For decades, they have used their knowledge and technology expertise to provide high-performance, high-value control and safety solutions.

“End-user requirements usually vary with industries, and customers testify to the ability of ICS Triplex to provide solutions that exceed their expectations.” said Virein Kumar Yadlapalli, research analyst for Safety Systems. “The company leverages on the expertise it has gained in providing focused safety solutions for the past few decades, and its customer installations have emerged to be the benchmark of industry best practices, thereby ensuring that the safety interests are not compromised.”

“Frost & Sullivan’s recognition of the ICS Triplex history for providing quality products and services and more specifically the renowned Trusted(TM) TMR fault-tolerant product, is testament to our ongoing commitment to provide our customers with the most reliable and technically advanced solution for their critical control and safety applications,” said Allan Rentcome, Chief Technology Officer of ICS Triplex. “We are honored by the recognition of this award.”

About the Frost & Sullivan Award
The Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Excellence is bestowed upon the company that has demonstrated excellence in Customer Value Excellence within their industry. The recipient company has shown tremendous responsiveness to customer needs and has continually focused on long and short-term customer profitability goals. In addition, the Award recipient demonstrated flexibility in tailoring their product offerings to suit customer businesses.

About ICS Triplex plc
ICS Triplex plc is an independent global company that has over 40 years of experience in developing, engineering, manufacturing and maintaining safety, critical and control solutions for both onshore and offshore installations. Thousands of systems have been supplied to the world’s premier companies in oil and gas, refining, petrochemicals, chemicals and power generation. Applications include emergency shutdown, fire and gas detection, burner management, process control and turbomachinery & compressor control.

The origins of the company are in the supply of fully integrated turnkey solutions for safety, critical and control systems. The industry leading Trusted(TM) system is also available through a network of independent integrators and third party organizations which are certified by ICS Triplex, providing customers with a local source of Trusted(TM) products and services. ICS Triplex is headquartered in the U.K. With offices around the world, ICS Triplex helps customers to improve their profitability, building value for end users and shareholders alike.