Freescale Creates First 4Mbit Extended Temperature nvRAM

Freescale Semiconductor, a global leader in the design and manufacture of embedded semiconductors, has expanded its award-winning magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) family with the world’s first 3-volt 4Mbit extended temperature range (-40 to +105°C) non-volatile RAM (nvRAM) product. This device enables entry into more rugged application environments, such as industrial, military and aerospace and automotive designs.

Freescale also has broadened its commercial MRAM line with a 1Mbit device, offering system designers a density option that addresses the “sweet spot” of the mainstream embedded market. In addition, Freescale plans to expand its MRAM product family to include a total of nine commercial, industrial and extended temperature products during the third quarter of 2007.

MRAM uses magnetic materials combined with conventional silicon circuitry to deliver the speed of SRAM with the non-volatility of flash in a single, unlimited-endurance device. MRAM devices can be used in cache buffers, configuration storage memories, and other commercial applications that require speed, endurance and non-volatility. Freescale’s latest extended temperature range option enables MRAM to be used in industrial and automotive applications in which semiconductor products must be qualified to withstand harsh operating environments and extreme temperature ranges.

“As the first company to commercialize MRAM technology, Freescale continues to lead the market with cost-effective and reliable non-volatile memory,” said Paul Grimme, senior vice president and general manager of Freescale’s Transportation and Standard Products Group. “By expanding the MRAM family with new densities and extended temperature ranges, we are able to address the requirements of the demanding industrial and automotive markets.”

MRAM offers industry-leading price/performance within the high-density nvRAM market. Freescale’s MRAM devices combine the best features of non-volatile memory and RAM to enable “instant-on” capability and power loss protection in new classes of intelligent electronic devices. In addition, MRAM devices operate at SRAM speeds over a wide range of temperature without the need for battery-backup.

Announced in 2006, Freescale’s MR2A16A 4Mbit product, the world’s first commercially available MRAM device, has been awarded Electronic Products’ 2006 Product of the Year, EE Times China’s 2007 Memory Product of the Year, LSI of the Year’s Award of Excellence in conjunction with ESEC Japan and the 2007 In-Stat/Microprocessor Report’s Product of the Year Award in innovation. Additionally, Freescale’s MRAM device was selected as a finalist in EDN’s 2006 Innovation Awards and EE Times’ 2006 ACE Awards.

About the 1Mb MR0A16A
The MR0A16A is a 1Mbit commercial temperature range (0 – 70oC), 3.3 volt asynchronous memory organized as 64K words by 16 bits, featuring 35 nanosecond read and write cycle times. The device’s industry-standard SRAM pin-out allows memory expansion from 1Mb to 4Mb in a common footprint. The device is housed in a 400-mil TSOP type-II RoHS-compliant package and is appropriate for a variety of commercial applications, such as networking, security, data storage, gaming and printers.

About the 4Mb MR2A16AV
The MR2A16AV is a 4Mbit extended temperature range (-40 – 105oC), 3.3 volt asynchronous memory organized as 256K words by 16 bits, featuring 35 nanosecond read and write cycle times. Its industry-standard SRAM pin-out makes it compatible with SRAM and other nvRAM products. The device is housed in a 400-mil TSOP type-II RoHS-compliant package. It offers a robust NVM solution for demanding environments found in industrial automation, transportation, military and avionics applications.

Pricing and Availability
The 4Mbit extended temperature MRAM (MR2A16AV) and the 1Mbit commercial MRAM (MR0A16A) are sampling now. The suggested resale price for the MR2A16AV is $24.99 in 10,000-unit quantities, and the suggested resale price for the MR0A16A is $9.99 in 10,000-unit quantities. The 4Mbit commercial temperature MRAM device (MR2A16A) is in volume production and available at a suggested resale price of $14.99 in 10,000-unit quantities. (All prices USD.)

About Freescale Semiconductor
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