WJ Communications Rolls Out Compact UHF RFID OEM Reader Module

WJ Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:WJCI), a leading designer and supplier of radio frequency (RF) products and solutions for the wireless infrastructure and radio frequency identification (RFID) reader markets, announced the availability of WJM1000, a feature rich, compact UHF RFID reader module. Based on WJ’s Frost & Sullivan award-winning WJC200 Gen2 chipset, the WJM1000 is the smallest and most cost-effective reader module in the market. Providing state-of-the-art software configurable options to set the RF output power from 10 dB (10mW) to 24 dB (1/4W) while drawing nominal 370mA, the WJM1000 enables OEMs, VARs and system integrators to effortlessly integrate RFID UHF Gen2 capability within new and existing medium/short-range applications such as printers and mobile/handheld devices.

The WJM1000 offers multiple protocol support with dynamic RF output power ranging from 10 dBm to 24 dBm providing exceptional flexibility and optimal settings for fulfillment of labels/tags inside medium/short-range applications. Designed for backwards compatibility to WJ’s PCMCIA modules, WJM1000′s simple but powerful command set reader module allows fast creation of custom applications via an open-source DLL and API. Additionally, the printer-commands of WJM1000 include single API command for optimized, high throughput fulfillment of Gen2 labels/tags, increasing printer throughput while minimizing overheard.

“Building on WJ’s leadership in design and development of cutting-edge RFID OEM modules, the WJM1000 has been developed in close partnership with a Top Tier printer partner,” said Haresh Patel, SVP of Sales and Marketing at WJ Communications. “The WJM1000 incorporates unique features and commands specially designed for printers and battery operated mobile devices, essential for wide-spread deployment of item-level tracking.”

Product Overview
The module operates over the North American UHF frequency band (902-928 MHz) and includes the RF, digital circuitry, and embedded firmware required for ISO18000- 6C (UHF Gen2) and ISO 18000-6B international standards. 3.3V CMOS level serial communications and 4 GPIO lines are available on a 15-pin connector. The WJM1000 can be set to transmit a range of output-power levels, providing increased flexibility enabling optimal settings for fulfillment of labels/tags inside a printer.

Value Proposition
Utilizing WJ’s RF expertise and leadership in wireless infrastructure and RFID readers, WJ has developed the WJM family of UHF RFID Reader Module products to enable OEMs to offer RFID functionality in printers and mobile devices while maintaining edge on key parameters such as low cost, light weight and extended battery life. WJ provides free demonstration software offering module quick evaluation without any necessary software development.

The following are the best-in-class performance of the WJM1000 RFID Reader Module:

Regions Supported: North America
Countries Supported: US (FCC approved)
Multi-Protocol: Gen2 (ISO 18000-6C), ISO 18000-6B
Output Power: Maximum: +24 dBm, Minimum: +10 dBm
Demo Software: Free Demo software for Windows(R) CE, Windows and Windows compatible
Communication: Serial communications
Printer specific feature: Integrated single printer command

Positive Market Feedback
WJ has been sampling the WJM1000 with numerous Top Tier customers and feedback has been very positive with special emphasis to the low-power operation, cost-saving benefit, and small form-factor. Recently the WJC200 reader IC was evaluated by one of the largest manufacturers of RFID enabled mobile/handheld readers in a head-to-head competition with a competing reader IC. The WJC200 was selected for its significant performance advantage at the same time drawing less current than the competition.

Target Applications
The WJM1000 is ideal for applications including: printers and encoders, RFID-enabled mobile devices, RFID-enabled handheld readers, and other mobile devices for RID item-level tracking.

Availability & Pricing
Please contact RFID sales at 408-577-6200 or e-mail rfid.info@wj.com for more information on pricing and availability.

WJ also provides a development software package. The free software can be downloaded from the WJ website and includes support for WJ API, open source DLL and a user friendly demo software, providing read/write/locking capability to RFID tags. WJ’s demo software will work with most mobile devices running Win CE, Win Mobile and PC’s with windows operating systems.

About WJ Communications
WJ Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of radio frequency (RF) solutions serving multiple markets targeting wireless communications, RF identification (RFID), and WiMax. WJ addresses the RF challenges in these multiple markets with its highly reliable amplifiers, mixers, RF integrated circuits (RFICs), RFID reader modules, chipsets, and multi-chip (MCM) modules. For more information call 408-577-6200.