RadiSys Introduces Procelerant CE3100 COM Express Module

RadiSys Corporation (NASDAQ: RSYS), a leading global provider of advanced embedded solutions, announced the introduction of a COM Express module aimed at supporting telecom and other communications applications. The Procelerant(R) CE3100 allows developers of enterprise-class and carrier-grade equipment to take advantage of a proven computing platform for a variety of wireless and wireline applications.

The CE3100 is ideal for embedded applications that require a standard processor module and Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory without the added expense of video and audio functions while delivering the robustness required for demanding telecom applications. When incorporated with the RadiSys Promentum(R)-2210, system designers gain a switch and control module well suited for Radio Network Controller, Media Gateway, IMS and IPTV applications. The CE3100 also utilizes a Core 2 Duo L7400 processor and offers flexible storage options with Serial ATA (SATA) and Serial Attached Small Computer System Interface (SAS) configurations in an effort to meet reliability and cost requirements of both equipment manufacturers and service providers. The type 3 module also provides dual gigabit Ethernet capabilities to maximize IO bandwidth.

“Our latest market leading solution brings the benefits of the COM Express architecture to the communications market,” said Wade Clowes, vice president, commercial segment, RadiSys. “The new RadiSys COM Express module enables designers to utilize a common platform as well as easily upgrade and address changing performance needs as desired. RadiSys continues to set the standard in allowing developers to reduce time to market by enabling them to concentrate on their core competencies rather than spending time on processor design. The growing use of COM Express products validates the value of this open module to the market.”

About Procelerant Com Express
RadiSys Procelerant(R) CE blades and boards are designed for embedded applications that require a standard processor and memory subsystem, but also modular flexibility to retain key design level IP on a separate carrier board. Procelerant CE products are based on COM Express(R), a standard that provides a bridge from legacy interfaces such as PCI and IDE to new serial differential signaling technologies such as PCI Express, Serial ATA, USB 2.0, LVDS, and Serial DVO.

Because they are modular and standards-based, RadiSys COM Express products help equipment manufacturers shorten their time to market and reduce development costs. By removing the processor, chipset and memory from the rest of the design, manufacturers can focus engineering resources on developing differentiating features and avoid the design churn that comes with implementing new processor generations.

About RadiSys
RadiSys (Nasdaq: RSYS) is a leading provider of advanced solutions for the communications networking and commercial systems markets. Through intimate customer collaboration and combining innovative technologies and industry leading architecture, RadiSys helps OEMs, systems integrators and solution providers bring better products to market faster and more economically. RadiSys products include embedded boards, application enabling platforms and turn-key systems, which are used in today’s complex computing, processing and network intensive applications.