MSC-Gleichmann Receives Most Successful Distributor Award from Omron

Omron Electronic Components Europe has honoured MSC and Gleichmann Electronics as its most successful distribution partner in 2006. At the same time, the MSC-Gleichmann Group has moved up to the number one position in the Central European distribution network.

During the presentation of the Distribution Awards 2006, Wolfgang Killian, General Manager Central Europe of Omron, highlighted that once again the MSC-Gleichmann Group had significantly increased its volume of sales and number of design-wins. Wolfgang Killian attributed MSC and Gleichmann’s above average growth to an excellent stocking policy for standard products and the high level of technical competence of both companies. This view is also shared by Georg Floeh, Distribution Sales Manager of the Japanese manufacturer of relays and switches. According to Georg Floeh, in addition to relays, microswitches are also gaining increasing importance in the market place for Omron. The microswitches line provides massive potential for Omron to stand out from the competition in supply of both product and service. “To take full advantage of this potential, a distinct design-in orientation is necessary. In this respect MSC and Gleichmann hold a special position within our distribution network,” said Georg Floeh.

Thomas Klein, Managing Director of Gleichmann, sees this award as an endorsement of the company’s philosophy. The MSC-Gleichmann Group has no need to impress customers with a long list of suppliers, but rather offer them competent support in solving their technical and logistics problems. “With regard to the line card policy, we have always been convinced that less is often more. As a design-in orientated distributor, it is generally not technically rational to support more than one, two, or in some particular areas a maximum of three, leading suppliers per product group.”

According to Alfred Wurzinger, Line Manager Omron of the MSC-Gleichmann Group, he says what applies to microcontrollers, programmable logic or displays also applies to other long established lines such as relays and microswitches. “For example, we have shown with Omron that a strong focus on a relatively small number of component manufacturers makes it strikingly clear that all parties concerned benefit: the respective manufacturer, us as distributor and most of all, the customers.”

Focusing on Omron’s technical strength in relays and microswitches, experts from MSC and Gleichmann now work out of the Omron microswitch technical centre. The centre, established in 2006, now includes Japanese engineers with extensive design experience, capable of providing fast feasibility checks to meet customers’ special requirements. In most cases, the technical centre can offer customers a solution for approval the same day. “I am convinced that at this time no relay or switch manufacturer or components distributor could react faster to customer wishes than we are able to,” said Alfred Wurzinger.

MSC and Gleichmann are certain that in the coming years they can expand their European market position with Omron and not just because of the company’s extensive technical expertise. One of its future plans is to increase the range of standard products available for immediate delivery from stock. Alfred Wurzinger, Line Manager Omron, summarizes, “Only the combination of high availability and individual design-in support can guarantee a genuine optimal service for relay and microswitch customers. Sustaining this form of service long-term is our top priority.”

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