Software Acumen to Speak at IET Conference on Automotive Electronics

Mark Dalgarno of Cambridge-based Software Acumen will speak at the 3rd IET Conference on Automotive Electronics. Dalgarno’s talk, “2 million options are not enough – Automotive Variant Management”, outlines some of the issues when developing multiple similar-but-different automotive system variants.

Dalgarno will illustrate his talk with two examples:

  • An engine-management systems supplier who wishes to reduce configuration times for their Simulink model variants
  • A vehicle manufacturer who wants to reuse requirements across their infortainment system specifications

Software Acumen is the UK’s only provider of specialist tools and services for variant management and the talk will showcase the company’s expertise in this field.

The conference takes place at the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK from 28th – 29th June.