Bookham to Launch Fully Qualified Fiber Laser Pump at LASER 2007

Bookham, Inc. (NASDAQ: BKHM), a leading provider of optical components, modules and subsystems, is to launch a fully qualified, ultra-high power, un-cooled multimode laser module for fiber laser pumping at LASER 2007 in Munich next week. The un-cooled single emitter module, incorporating the latest generation of multimode pump laser chips from the Bookham Zurich facility, delivers 8 to 10W light output power at 940-960nm from a multimode fiber with 105µm core diameter and 0.15 or 0.22 numerical aperture. The module is designed to support current and next generation fiber laser systems by providing increased brightness while retaining high reliability and cost-effectiveness.

To achieve full qualification, the module’s laser chip has undergone a rigorous 5000h accelerated lifetest under various test conditions. The module itself has also been subjected to a 2000h lifetest at 10A injection current and 45°C heat sink temperature.

“With the new higher power pump modules, Bookham continues to build on its leading position in the fiber laser market,” said Berthold Schmidt, director of product marketing for High Power Lasers. “In addition to requiring increasing high brightness, our customers also demand exceptional reliability; we are demonstrating this at LASER with the release of the qualified pump module. We will also show new data that highlights the exceptional ability of our seed laser module, which is being used in pulsed fiber lasers.”

The seed laser butterfly module has been characterized at very high peak currents of up to 5A with 200ns pulses. During a 2000h lifetest, the modules have proven their long term stability in the pulsed operation mode. The module incorporates a high power 1060nm single-mode laser diode including a thermistor and a back-facet monitor.

At its stand (number B3.149) Bookham will be demonstrating how its high power laser diodes can be configured into pump units to scale the power needed for different fiber laser requirements. Bookham will partner with customers to demonstrate end applications of its laser diode products, including CW and pulsed fiber lasers for cutting, welding, micromachining, and marking.

In addition to showcasing its technology at the exhibition, Bookham will be delivering two technical papers: ‘Broad area single emitter (BASE) modules with improved brightness’ and ‘Brightness Scaling of High Power Laser Diode Bars’. Bookham will also give two talks at the “Photonics Forum – Talking Trends” entitled ‘High performance laser diode bars are setting the pace for industrial systems” and ‘Increasing brightness of single emitter pump lasers scales direct diode and fiber laser applications’.

About Bookham
Bookham is a leading manufacturer and independent, vertically integrated supplier of high performance, high reliability industrial laser diodes across many markets, including industrial, medical, display, analytical, printing, aerospace and defense. The company boasts two decades of experience as a leader in laser diode development, continued investment in technology and customer support, and offers scalability for cost efficient, high volume production through the use of advanced automated manufacturing processes in its state of the art facility in Zurich. Bookham was the first company to offer 120W 9xxnm diode bars and is a leader in the market for single emitter 8W pigtailed laser modules for fiber laser pumping. The company’s diversified high power laser diode offering ranges from 8W pigtailed multimode modules to 120W bars and 2.4kW fast axis collimated stacks.

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