Renesas Debuts 32-bit CISC Microcontrollers with On-Chip FPU

Renesas Technology America, Inc. announced two R32C/118 group microcontrollers (MCUs) with 512KB on-chip flash memory that expand the 32-bit R32C/100 series at the top of the popular M16C family. The new devices incorporate the R32C/100 high-performance 32-bit CISC CPU core, which runs at speeds up to 48MHz. They also have a floating point unit (FPU) capability and support critical functions of manufacturing processing applications, such as process flow control, pressure and temperature control, and analytical metering operation.

Renesas R32C/118 32-bit CISC MPU with On-Chip floating point unitThe devices’ 32-bit single-precision FPU is highly efficient in handling signal-processing tasks that are often required in factory automation applications, such as running control-loop filters and connecting legacy fieldbuses such as FOUNDATION TM fieldbus and PROFIBUS. The new MCUs ensure effective communication over fieldbus gateways between factory floor systems and process flow control systems that are connected via a number of popular protocols.

“As distributed-control architectures become popular choices in process control systems, fieldbus controllers must deliver more computation power,” said Ritesh Tyagi, director, system LSI business unit, Renesas Technology America, Inc. “To make this happen, MCUs are now required to process various control tasks not only at a central control unit, but also at end control points such as sensors and actuators. At the same time, factory automation equipment has to perform all aspects of operations in real time, including closed-loop process control, data logging, monitoring and diagnostics. All of these requirements are driving the integration of MCUs to a higher level, allowing MCUs to provide better, more reliable connectivity solutions in process control systems.”

The devices in the R32C/118 group are successors to and upward compatible with the chips in the 32MHz M32C/80 series in the M16C family and can run existing M32C/80 software. They use the same 100-pin LQFP package, are pin compatible, and provide better code efficiency and higher throughput. The MCUs also have new and enhanced peripheral functions and an expanded operating voltage range. As a result, customers can improve system performance simply by upgrading from an M32C/80 device to an R32C/118 MCU.

R32C/118 MCUs include a CAN module that supports a 32-slot message buffer for the robust networking standards widely used in factory automation equipment. Other on-chip peripheral functions include a 9-channel serial interface, watchdog timer, 4-channel DMA controller, advanced-functionality timers, 10-bit 26-channel A/D converter, and 8-bit 2-channel D/A converter. There is also a CRC calculation circuit for improved communication data reliability, and an X-Y converter circuit for high-speed rotation or enlargement of image data.

The R32C/118 MCUs provide 512 Kbytes of on-chip flash memory and 40Kbytes of RAM for handling larger programs. They also incorporate 8 Kbytes of data flash that is separate from the area for storing programs and eliminates the need for external EEPROM (Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory).

These devices will be supported by an advance single-line debugging interface that allows system engineers to connect a debug emulator using only one pin of the MCU. The debugging interface also supports on-board programming of the on-chip flash memory. A comprehensive suite of software development tools (C/C++ Compiler) is also available. A new on-chip debugging emulator is currently under development and will be available by Q4/2007.

Price and availability
R5F64186NFB (-20°C to + 85°C): $11.50 – September 2007
R5F64186DFB (-40°C- to +85°C): $12.75 – September 2007

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