NI Debuts Lookout 6.1 Industrial Automation Software for Windows Vista

National Instruments announced the release of NI Lookout 6.1, a Windows Vista-compatible version of its Web-enabled human machine interface (HMI) and SCADA software system. The release also includes new drivers that support the latest programmable logic controllers (PLCs) as well as several usability improvements.

With the release of Lookout 6.1, automation engineers can upgrade to Windows Vista, the latest Microsoft operating system released in early 2007, while continuing to use the Lookout software system to simplify the building of their industrial automation applications. Lookout 6.1 is also equipped with new drivers that enable the software to communicate over an Ethernet connection with the latest PLCs available today.

Additionally, NI made several usability improvements to the software. A new feature in Lookout 6.1 automates the management of the number of I/O connections currently in use. Engineers can continually monitor the number of I/O points in use directly on the toolbar, which aids in further reducing development time. Also, engineers purchase Lookout based on I/O point usage; therefore, monitoring the number of points currently in use is crucial. Lookout 6.1 is also equipped with the ability for engineers to quickly open recently accessed files in one step directly from an icon included on the toolbar.

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