EtherWaves Launches Juliet DAB+/DMB Stand-Alone Production Platform

By providing a high level of system integration, Juliet enables radio manufactures to quickly build DAB+ digital radio receivers or to add DAB capability to existing products. Controlled by the host MCU, Juliet only requires power, antenna, and an audio amplifier. The high-performance platform greatly reduces time to market for radio manufacturers at very competitive retail prices.

With Juliet’s user friendly API and a choice of interface connections through UART, SPI, and I2C, manufacturers can preserve their original design look and feel while delivering DAB+ and DMB with minimal efforts. The platform is based on Analog Device BF532 low cost DSP executing EtherWaves’ ClearSignal software to deliver a multi-featured state of the art digital radio.

Featuring a compact form factor, Juliet provides an Eureka 147 DAB, DAB+ and T-DMB receiver equipped with the latest features expected from a high-end digital radio product; a MP3/WMA/AAC player supported by a SD Card connector, clock-radio functionality, and crystallized sound processing.

The Juliet platform features a very low bill of materials to produce a DAB+/DMB solution; a single-chip RF front-end unit, a baseband with all the supporting circuitry, audio processing unit, a D/A converter, and SDRAM which is available in several sizes for various rewind storage time periods.

Clients can choose audio outputs ranging from feature line-out audio or digital streams of either DMB-TS or Digital Audio I2S/SPDIF.

“The platform is an ideal low cost route to market for manufacturers needing to quickly incorporate both DAB, T-DMB TS into next generation portable devices. Juliet is the ideal solution for radio manufacturers who want to use their existing MCU when developing a complete DAB radio receiver. EtherWaves is seeking to partner with manufacturers and importers whose end-products are distributed in Europe, Korea and in Australia,” said Linda Kedem, EtherWaves’ Marketing Manager.

About EtherWaves
EtherWaves Ltd. develops and licenses Digital Radio and Mobile TV Intellectual Property (IP), targeting the Automotive, System-On-Chip (SoC) and Consumer Electronics markets. EtherWaves uses its core competencies and expertise to develop Digital Broadcast Receiving solutions based on Software and Silicon IP. The company’s IMSiS technology enables multi-standard Digital Broadcasting reception in ClearSignal’s products. Our products currently support DAB, DAB+, T-DMB, DRM and FM and will also comply with HD Radio, DMB-T (China), ISDB-T, and DVB-H. EtherWaves is a privately held company with headquarters in Israel.

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