Dynapar Announces Next Generation BiSS Encoder Protocol

Dynapar, a leading manufacturer of encoders and resolvers for motion feedback, announced the next generation of the BiSS(TM) protocol developed by iC Haus. BiSS Model C provides on-the-fly bidirectional communication between an encoder and a motor drive controller, the first time that this capability is available in a serial encoder protocol. Now secondary data such as temperature, acceleration, alarm description, and safety bits can be communicated without the need to stop collecting position data, which could require stopping the machine.

The new version of BiSS can read/write data to the controller without switching from sensing mode to read/write mode. Now the sensor can send secondary data along with position data in a real-time data stream.

For drive and encoder manufacturers, whose timeframes for new designs are usually a year, BiSS Model C may be key to the next generation of drives and encoders, which will use secondary data to reduce downtime, predict maintenance, and reduce costs.

Easy to Integrate
Encoder manufacturers who want to use BiSS Model C can obtain an ASIC from iC Haus, the company that developed BiSS, or manufacturers can develop their own ASIC. Dynapar and Hengstler expect to have a Model C compatible encoder in 2008, and other encoder manufacturers are starting to announce availability of Model C compatible products.

Drive manufacturers can easily migrate to Model C, because the IC Haus provided Model B code that they are using now already contains the code for Model C. The features of Model C can be activated simply by changing an address in the FPGA firmware.

Bus-like Capability Reduces Wiring
BiSS Model C enables the serial protocol to be used like a bus. Instead of running a cable all the way back to the controller, the engineer can daisy chain various BiSS enabled devices, and the device connected directly to the controller will deliver slave data in a sequential order. This feature reduces the amount of wiring needed in a machine, eliminating cost. An unlimited number of devices can communicate bidirectionally, compared to eight slave devices for BiSS Model B.

Interoperable with Safety Protocols
In addition, BiSS Model C can improve worker safety, by enabling a redundancy check in a secondary ASIC. Now BiSS-enabled devices can be interoperable with safety protocols that require additional bits to be read out to the controller. This functionality is popular with devices such as light curtains and safety mats, where reliable data is critical for safety.

About the BiSS Protocol
BiSS is the newest, fastest serial protocol that enables designs to take full advantage of the higher precision of absolute encoders. With best-in-system speed, the BiSS protocol provides faster access time between a drive and feedback device. The results are smoother motion at slower speeds, and more accurate positioning and faster system adjustments. As an all-digital protocol, BiSS eliminates the need for noise-prone 1V peak-to-peak signals used in some other protocols. Also, unlike proprietary protocols, BiSS doesn’t lock engineers in to one encoder supplier.

For more information on the BiSS protocol or Dynapar’s Acuro(TM) absolute encoders that support the BiSS protocol, call +1 800.873.8731.

About Dynapar
Dynapar(TM) is a world-leading manufacturer of optical and magnetic encoders and resolvers with more than 50 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing rotary feedback devices. Dynapar was founded in Gurnee, Illinois in 1955 and has been expanded through the acquisitions to include Hengstler(TM), Acuro(TM), NorthStar(TM), and Harowe(TM) product lines. Dynapar is now uniquely a provider of technologies spanning optical, magnetic, and resolver based feedback.

Pioneering the first true vector-duty hollow-shaft encoder launched Dynapar’s strong presence in several industries, including steel, paper, elevator, oil and gas, wind energy, medical, material handling, and industrial servo manufacturers. From small kit encoders to large mill-duty tachometers, Dynapar has the industry covered.

Dynapar customers rely on expertise and support provided from the U.S. sales and manufacturing location in Gurnee, Illinois: Phone +1 800.873.8731 or +1 847.662.2666; FAX +1 847.662.6633. In addition, Dynapar supports global customers with local sales and production locations in Germany, Japan, China, and Brazil.

BiSS is a trademark of iC Haus