Logic Debuts Zoom Development Kit, SOM with Freescale MPC8360 Processor

Logic Product Development (Logic) announced the release of a new Zoom Development Kit and System on Module (SOM) using Freescale Semiconductor’s MPC8360E PowerQUICC(R) II Pro processor. Logic’s MPC8360 SOMs are off-the-shelf embedded computing modules which provide developers with a cost effective, compact option for use in industrial, medical, and other embedded applications.

The MPC8360 SOM is designed around Freescale’s PowerQUICC(R) II Pro 8360 processor. The MPC8360 combines an E300 Power Architecture(TM) core running up to 667MHz with a QUICCEngine(TM) communications controller. The combination of these two advanced technologies will reduce a system’s cost while increasing its performance by providing both control and communications processing in a single chip solution.

Logic has placed the MPC8360 and an optional graphics controller onto a type III COM Express form-factor compatible module. The COM Express form-factor is small enough to fit into a wide range of end-user applications, yet still export important peripheral connections such as USB 2.0, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, VGA, LVDS, RS-232, RS-485, I2C, SPI, PCI, and PCI Express(R).

Logic and Freescale have engaged industry software experts to provide production ready industrial protocols such as PROFIBUS, IEEE(R) 1588, and Ethernet PowerLink for the QUICCEngine(TM) portion of the module. Logic is providing a free, full source-code port of UBOOT and the Linux operating system for both the development kit and the SOM. “Providing a ported and tested Linux kernel and industrial protocols for Logic’s production-ready hardware will accelerate our customer’s time-to-market,” stated Michael Erickson, Product Marketing Manager for Logic. “The entire offering allows developers to focus on their application software and their core technologies from a project’s inception.”

Price and Availability
The Freescale part number for the Zoom Development Kit is MPC8360E – RDK, and will be available through Freescale’s Global distribution network in Q3 of 2007 at a suggested resale price of $999.

The MPC8360 SOM will be available for use in production quantities through Logic’s distribution network. Standard SOM configurations and suggested resale prices (at 1,000 units) are listed below:

  • COMMPC8360-10-1652LCR – $324
    400 MHz, 128 MB SDRAM, 64 MB NAND, 8 MB NOR, 2×10/100 Ethernet
  • COMMPC8360E-10-2752FCR – $476
    667 MHz, 256 MB SDRAM, 64 MB NAND, 8 MB NOR, 2×10/100/1000 Ethernet, Graphics, Touch

About Logic Product Development
Logic Product Development is an embedded computing solutions and multidisciplinary product development company with more than 40 years of experience. Logic fast forwards the evolution of new products with affordable, easy-to-use development kits and product-ready System on Modules. Our products simplify development and provide the ability to easily upgrade to next generation hardware and software. Logic’s Embedded Products group helps your company stay focused on its high value core technologies in-order to reduce product development time to market, cost and risk. For more information, call (612) 672-9495.