MAZeT Customizes OEM Color Sensing

MAZeT GmbH, the leading system manufacturer for industrial electronics, presents the newest products from the JENCOLOR family for spectral analysis at the SENSOR+TEST 2007 trade fair. Starting immediately, MAZeT also offers customized OEM Color Sensing, in the field of color analysis and spectral sensor systems, to its customers.

“In addition to the development and distribution of the JENCOLOR sensors, our design team is now developing tailored color analysis modules, including optical connection, especially for customers or applications,” said Frank Krumbein, Division Manager of Optoelectronics at MAZeT. “With this enhancement of our portfolio, we are reacting to the increasing demand for customer-specific ideal solutions. JENCOLOR stands for reliability, quality and cost control in the whole chain – sensors, optics, electronics, production and support.”

Based on the customer’s specifications for filter functions, there are adjusted arrays of sensors with diverse hardware functions that are custom-tailored to give a technical and economic application. The customization of firmware for µC-based projects and/or the development of special PC-based evaluation software rounds off the power spectrum for our customers. Proved and certified design procedures assure MAZeT’s customers of high-quality development results, minimize the development risks and assure a project’s success. MAZeT assures its customers of the development results’ exclusivity through established trademark rights on the applied JENCOLOR sensors, and protection of the customer’s project-specific proposed know-how.

Based on the interference filter, the RGB or True Color Sensors pride themselves on durability, temperature stability and resistance to environmental influences. MAZeT has a large number of capable development engineers at their command, who are experienced in the most state-of-the-art electronic and color analysis application technology. Based on the JENCOLOR sensors and their wide knowledge of developing color analysis modules for applications in automation, display calibration or process management, the MAZeT engineers look for new challenges for their knowledge of risk engineering services.

About MAZeT
MAZeT GmbH is a leading European development and production service provider. The company, founded in 1992 with headquarters in Jena, develops, manufactures and delivers customer-specific electronic modular units, software and ASICs, and markets its own products under the name JENCOLOR(TM) worldwide. Due to its broad technological offerings and application know-how, MAZeT GmbH is a dependable and proven service partner for made-to-measure, customer-specific solutions in the areas of industrial electronics and optical sensors. The company’s development competence and the components produced by it for special uses can be found in the whole area of industrial measurement technology, control engineering, automation and medical areas, among others.