Lynguent Welcomes Albert Hugo-Martinez to Board of Directors

Lynguent(R), an emerging supplier of integrated AMS design development products to the global semiconductor and electronics industries, announced that Albert J. Hugo-Martinez has joined its board of directors. Hugo-Martinez brings a wealth of industry experience, relationships, and expertise that will help Lynguent realize its potential as a significant new player in the analog/mixed signal design productivity software market. He currently serves as the founder and chairman of High Voltage Vertical Innovation, a high voltage frequency transistor company in Phoenix, Ariz. and of Power Control Networks, a power line communication company in San Diego, Calif. In addition, he is chairman of Reaction Design, San Diego, Calif., a software company focused on simulating engine designs as well as optimizing energy consumption by using alternate fuels.

“The decision to join Lynguent’s CEO, Martin Vlach and his team was an easy one for me,” said Hugo-Martinez. “I have been involved with analog integrated circuits since I started as a bench technician in a linear design group many years ago. And, I have a first-hand appreciation of Lynguent’s mission to provide software tools to increase the productivity of today’s and tomorrow’s analog and mixed-signal designers. I am truly pleased and excited to have the opportunity to help Lynguent achieve this mission.”

Vlach, Lynguent CEO and the chairman of the board said, “I welcome Albert to the Lynguent board. He is a tremendous addition to the company. We have already received a strong message from the electronics industry that our product, ModLyng(tm), is urgently needed. Albert knows the technology, the industry, and the players- all of which will be invaluable in helping Lynguent achieve its goals. I look forward to benefiting from the advice of someone who has been at the helm of successful companies in our market.”

On the Lynguent board, Hugo-Martinez joins Vlach, a co-founder of Analogy, Inc., now a part of Synopsys, Inc. While at Analogy, Vlach originated the SABER simulator and the MAST hardware description language. The board also includes L.B. Day, a prominent business planning and organization consultant. The company’s board of advisors includes Dr. Robert Harmon (Professor of Marketing and Technology Management at Portland State University), Dr. Ann Bunnenberg (president and co-founder of Electrical Geodesics, Inc.), and new addition, Dr. Ernst Christen (a world-renowned authority on analog/mixed signal hardware description languages and simulators). Together these teams provide Lynguent with top-notch leadership and advice to guide Lynguent in fullfilling its mission of developing best-in-class analog/mixed signal design productivity software.

About ModLyng Integrated Modeling Environment
ModLyng is an easy-to-use productivity tool for analog/mixed-signal (AMS) design that incorporates a graphical user interface, is language- and platform-independent, and removes significant barriers to the re-use of models. ModLyng helps semiconductor and systems companies save weeks in development time. This can improve a company’s bottom-line by hundreds of thousands of dollars per design project. AMS design team members, including design engineers, semiconductor device modeling engineers, IC signal integrity engineers, and IP developers and librarians, will use ModLyng.

About Lynguent
Founded in 2001, Lynguent, Inc., is a privately held company headquartered in Portland, Ore., that supplies integrated AMS design development products to the global semiconductor and electronics industries. Customers use Lynguent productivity-enhancing tools and services to create, maintain, reuse, debug, and validate AMS models and related technology to accelerate time-to-market for a wide range of state-of-the-art ICs and electronic systems. Lynguent is exhibiting its current products in Booth #2165 at the Design Automation Conference (DAC) in San Diego, Calif. from June 4 through 7, 2007.

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