Pepper Linux Supports Intel-Based Mobile Internet Devices

Pepper Computer, Inc. announced Pepper Linux support for Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) based on Intel low-power processors and chipsets. Pepper Linux is one of the Linux(R) solutions that provide a truly simple user experience for real Internet and media access on MIDs. Pepper Linux will be ready to ship to OEMs and ODMs in the Fall of 2007.

Pepper Linux is designed specifically for the mass market of non-technical consumers. Pepper Linux includes the following unique and MID-specific features: user interface and graphics that are optimized for 4″-7″ LCDs; power management for extended battery life; completely automated Wi-Fi and network configuration for a simple 5-minute first-time setup; maintenance-free malware protection; automatic system, application update and distribution services; licensed audio and video codecs; high-quality licensed full-Unicode fonts; and a flash memory or disk footprint of under 500MB.

“Pepper Linux provides the best features of Linux – reliability and security – with the simplest user experience,” said Jon Melamut, Pepper VP of Sales and Business Development. “By collaborating with Intel, Pepper can provide the Intel MID ecosystem with a mass market solution that includes real Internet, Web and media access plus a fully-documented SDK today.”

“Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) is an exciting emerging category. Linux is well-suited to meet the requirements for MIDs from a footprint, power, and responsiveness perspective,” said Pankaj Kedia, Director, Global Ecosystem Programs, Ultra Mobility Group at Intel. “Intel’s low power processors and chipsets, combined with Pepper Linux, will enable our customers to deliver a compelling experience for the end user.”

Pepper Linux provides a complete solution combining the best of open source and digital media software with Pepper’s own applications and application framework. OEMs & ODMs can enable their end users to access information and content; communicate via email, IM, or VoIP; and be entertained via local or Internet-based videos, music, photos and games.

About Pepper Computer, Inc.
Pepper Computer is a software and services company that is extremely passionate about making the Web computing era simpler, more secure and more enjoyable than the personal computing era has been. We believe that the new age of rich Web-hosted applications, services and media offers a chance to bring simplified computing devices running Pepper Linux to more people in more parts of the world.

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