Mercury Computer Systems, P.A. Semi Team on PWRficient Processor

Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY), a leading provider of computing solutions for data-intensive applications, and P.A. Semi, Inc., a fabless semiconductor company delivering high-performance, low-power processors, announced a collaboration to deploy the dual-core PA6T-1682M PWRficient(TM) processor as part of multicomputer product offerings from Mercury.

“Processor power consumption becomes a larger challenge every year, particularly in the high-performance class,” said Craig Lund, Chief Technology Officer for Mercury Computer Systems. “What’s most important to many of our signal and image processing customers is GFLOPS per Watt. We have assessed every available option, and P.A. Semi’s PWRficient processor is the clear leader for many of these applications. The power-efficient design enables us to load the system with multiple processors per board without resorting to exotic cooling technology.”

Mercury systems are often deployed in industrial and military settings that require careful management of power and heat. At the same time, customers strive to extract every ounce of performance in these tough environments. By incorporating the high-performance PWRficient processor into its system designs, Mercury systems will take advantage of a processor performance per Watt increase of up to 300% over alternative solutions.

“Mercury is well suited to deploy this highly optimized processor in complex multicomputer environments. As the leading supplier of image and signal processing equipment based on multicomputers, Mercury’s selection of P.A. Semi combines its system-level expertise with our leading PWRficient processors, strongly reinforcing our position that P.A. Semi represents the highest performance-per-watt solution currently available for embedded computing applications,” said Dan Dobberpuhl, C.E.O., P.A. Semi.

Mercury has selected the PWRficient processor for designs currently underway for next-generation products in all four PowerStream(R) product lines. These product lines represent multiple form factors that include 6U VXS, 3U and 6U VPX-REDI, and larger form-factor systems. Mercury is also making available an early development board in the VXS form factor with PMC/XMC I/O for application developers.

For more information on the PWRficient processor, visit P.A. Contact Mercury at (866) 627-6951 for more information on Mercury’s PWRficient multicore-based offerings. Mercury and P.A. Semi will host a webcast on “Power-Efficient Multicore Processors for High-Performance Embedded Applications” on June 28 at 2:00 PM EST.