Chrontel Optimizes Video Interface Chips for Intel-Based UMPCs, MIDs

Chrontel, a leading provider of video interface technologies, announced that three Chrontel video interface ICs have been optimized for Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPCs) and Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) based on Intel low power technologies. UMPCs and MIDs are truly ultra-mobile platforms that allow users to communicate, entertain, access information, and be productive on-the-go.

Chrontel provides a wide variety of design options for the SDVO interface in UMPC and MID platforms, including three Chrontel interface ICs: the CH7315 HDMI transmitter, the CH7021 SDTV/HDTV Encoder and the CH7317 RGB Encoder. The CH7315 is used to transmit uncompressed, copy-protected video and audio data over a secure link from a UMPC/MID platform to HDTVs, DVD recorders and A/V receivers. The CH7021 is used to provide a TV-out function that drives external NTSC, PAL or high-definition television display. The CH7317 RGB encoder is used to drive an external VGA computer display.

“UMPCs and MIDs are a fast growing segment in the industry today,” said Dr. David Soo, Chrontel President and CEO. “We are pleased to deliver video interface solutions that provide external display options for this innovative platform.”

The CH7315, CH7021 and CH7317 are part of a family of SDVO-compliant devices that Chrontel began releasing in 2004. The three Chrontel ICs, designed with Intel’s proprietary SDVO high-speed serial data interface, have been adopted by many major PC manufactures in the world. Chrontel offers the most complete line of SDVO-compliant video interface devices, including LVDS, DVI, HDCP, HDMI, and standard and high-definition TV transmitters.

“Chrontel has a history of delivering proven video interface designs in the computing industry,” said Kelley Johnson, Marketing Manager at Intel Corporation. “Intel’s energy efficient processors and chipsets, combined with Chrontel’s solutions, make it easier for the customer to offer a range of video interface options.”

About Chrontel, Inc.
Founded in 1986, privately held Chrontel is a leading supplier of video interface ICs and technologies to computer manufacturers worldwide. The company’s innovations include the world’s first VGA-to-TV encoder. Chrontel video display chips are incorporated into reference designs offered by many microprocessor and graphics processor vendors. The company currently offers the industry’s most complete product line of video interface ICs for notebook and desktop computers, and its components can be found in PCs sold by dozens of leading manufacturers.