Xceive Introduces XC4000 Silicon Tuners for PC-TV

Xceive Corporation, the market leader in hybrid silicon tuners with proven success in PC, television and the digital home, announced the latest addition to its family of integrated hybrid silicon tuners with the XC4000, a value/performance solution for the terrestrial television and PC-TV market. The XC4000 is an ultra-small, single-chip, hybrid terrestrial silicon tuner bringing optimized performance for televisions and increased levels of signal robustness to PC-TV OEMs and manufacturers worldwide.

“The industry is in need of a hybrid TV tuner that successfully addresses value, performance, size and multi-standard challenges in a single integrated tuner,” said Vish Nayak, vice president of TV and Display Electronics at DisplaySearch. “Fortunately, TV tuners, such as Xceive’s newly announced XC4000 silicon tuner, are designed to provide the best-in-class performance through the addition of next generation features and capabilities like an on-board DSP controller, quick channel scan, multi-PIP functionality and the ability to support worldwide television standards.”

The XC4000 meets or exceeds the performance requirements for next generation PC-TVs by providing can tuner performance to the PC-TV market surpassing previous silicon tuner standards while offering value/performance options to both the maturing flat panel television market and the established volume TV markets. The XC4000 signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) and phase noise match can tuner performance while providing a lower noise figure and higher AGC range, resulting in higher quality video image and a better end-user experience.

“The addition of the XC4000 to Xceive’s family of products fills an important market need in the TV and PC-TV space by providing carefully selected performance levels to these value conscious applications,” said Jean-Louis Bories, president and CEO of Xceive Corporation. “The XC4000 meets and exceeds all performance measurements of the typical premium can tuner with the added features of an ultra-small footprint, reliability, and unique functionality.”

Universal to all Xceive tuners, the XC4000 delivers Xceive’s QuickTune(TM) technology, providing ultra fast per channel signal detection that allows for a complete channel scan of more than 100 channels in less than two seconds. ChannelVista(TM) is Xceive’s “virtual tuner” technology that provides multiple- picture-in-picture (PIP) capabilities allowing the viewer to watch up to 12 video channels simultaneously or to have their favorite channel “list” visualized on screen easing their channel selection.

The XC4000 is housed in an ultra-small (7mm x 7mm) 48-pin QFN package. It integrates all the SAW filters and video/audio demodulation in order to achieve a low BOM cost. The architecture and technology minimizes tuner-to-tuner and channel-to-channel performance variations and achieves very tight tolerances resulting in reduced customer product returns. With its on-board DSP controller, the tuner supports worldwide television standards including PAL, NTSC, DVBT, ATSC, and QAM64 catering to the needs of the global TV and PC-TV market.

The XC4000 is both pin and BOM compatible with Xceive’s XC3000 and XC2000 series of RF-to-broadband tuners. This allows existing Xceive customers to migrate seamlessly to the XC4000 to achieve increased performance by simply using the XC4000 in the existing XC3000/XC2000 family designs.

Samples of the XC4000 are now available. Production quantities will begin shipping in the third quarter of 2007.

About Xceive Corporation
Venture-backed Xceive Corporation, headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., enables fast, high-quality TV signal reception in any consumer electronics device worldwide. First to market with a one-design-fits-all-TV-standards analog and digital single chip design, Xceive’s QuickTune(R) RF-to-baseband single integrated circuit (IC) TV tuners provide superior performance, low power, and smaller form factor for the development of advanced TV and PC-TV applications. Xceive’s universal RF-to-baseband analog–and breakthrough RF-to-baseband analog and digital–TV tuner ICs reduce the need for OEMs to maintain multiple inventories in order to service a global market. E-mail info@xceive.com or call 408-486-5610 more information.