Pro Design, videantis Integrate H.264/AVC on CHIPit Prototyping System

Pro Design and videantis GmbH announced the integration of real-time H.264/AVC baseline profile encoder on a CHIPit Platinum prototyping system. A demonstration can be seen at the 44th Design Automation Conference, Booth 6678. The H.264/AVC video encoder was successfully realized using an MIPS24KEc embedded RISC core and the videantis v-MP2000M video core on the CHIPit Platinum system. At a prototyping system clock speed of 37MHz, the encoder achieves full 15fps in QVGA resolution, suitable for applications like a desktop videophone over internet or handheld media players.

Dr. Hans-Joachim Stolberg, CEO of videantis rates this combined effort of the three companies as a significant achievement. “The prototype integration proves how the MIPS and videantis cores favorably work together on video compression applications,” Stolberg said. “This integration visualizes the high performance of the video architecture to run H.264/AVC at this low clock speed and thus giving evidence for MIPS and videantis providing an optimized system approach for low power mobile applications.”

“By implementing the videantis v-MP2000M and MIPS24KEc embedded RISC core in our CHIPit prototyping system we offer customers to verify designs near real time and in a real world environment. With this methodology the customer could accelerate his verification and development time to achieve a much faster time to market,” stated Gunnar Scholl, director marketing and business development at Pro Design.

About videantis
videantis GmbH, Hannover, Germany, is a leading chip, silicon IP, and software solutions provider for mobile, home, and custom multimedia applications. videantis combines the expertise of an application-adapted, yet fully programmable architecture, an extensive portfolio of optimized applications, and system-on-chip integration services to offer comprehensive one-stop video solutions.

About Pro Design
The privately held company was founded in 1981 and has around 100 employees, with various facilities for research, design, and sales in Germany, France and the U.S. Pro Design has more than twenty-four years of experience as a service provider and manufacturer in the electronics industry. The company’s products and services include the CHIPit family of High-Speed ASIC Prototyping Systems to validate algorithm performance, verify hardware implementation, and assist in hardware/software co-development and co-verification to reduce the verification time dramatically.