TTAutomotive Debuts Fujitsu MB91F465XA CPU Board with FlexRay Controller

TTAutomotive, TTTech’s subsidiary for FlexRay(TM) solutions, has released in cooperation with Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe (FME) a new CPU board based on Fujitsu’s MB91F465XA with an integrated FlexRay communication controller for its modular TTXPowerlink product family. The combination of Fujitsu’s latest FlexRay microcontroller unit and TTXPowerlink’s modular concept provides a flexible and effective solution for FlexRay applications in the automotive industry.

The CPU board provides access to the FlexRay network and is equipped with Fujitsu’s MB91F465XA, a 32-bit microcontroller that features an embedded FlexRay communication controller. This controller is a single-chip solution that makes it possible to benefit fully from the advantages of the FlexRay protocol, such as precise synchronization throughout the system and reliable, deterministic data transport at high bandwidth.

The MB91F465XA features Fujitsu’s RISC core running at a maximum speed of 100 MHz. The integrated FlexRay communication controller, based on the E-Ray IP from Bosch, supports the FlexRay protocol specification 2.1 and handles two channels at a maximum transmission rate of 10 Mbit/s.

Based on Fujitsu’s MB91F465XA with an integrated FlexRay communication controller, TTAutomotive’s new CPU board is part of the modular TTXPowerlink hardware solution for the development of FlexRay-based systems. It is fully stackable to allow the combination of the CPU board with different main boards, transceivers or specific interface solutions.

“Through this cooperation we are looking forward to providing a very flexible first-class solution for FlexRay applications based on Fujitsu’s microcontrollers,” commented Wolfgang Wiewesiek, manager of the automotive business unit at Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe. “By combining the modular concept of TTXPowerlink with Fujitsu’s MB91F465XA, the solution has the potential to contribute to major FlexRay projects in Europe and Japan.”

More info: TTTech Computertechnik AG