MontaVista Supports Freescale's MPC8349E-mITXE Platform

MontaVista(R) Software, Inc., the leading provider of Linux(R) for intelligent devices and communications infrastructure, announced its support for Freescale Semiconductor’s MPC8349E-mITXE platform. This platform is ideal for hardware and software development for the tightly integrated PowerQUICC(R) II Pro processor and its ability to leverage a cost-effective mix of on-chip and external components. By increasing peripheral support, MontaVista has created a more realistic development environment. The collaborative solution accelerates the performance of richer, more tightly integrated embedded applications and provides customers with faster time to market.

The platform includes a Freescale board support package (BSP) pre-installed on the MPC8349E-mITXE platform, and provides out-of-box support for MontaVista Linux Professional Edition. Freescale and its customers look to MontaVista Linux, the industry’s most widely deployed commercial embedded Linux operating system, to provide advanced real-time capabilities.

OEMs building feature-rich, high-performance applications appreciate how MontaVista technology reduces preemption latency by a factor of 15. This real-time edge allows design teams to deploy time-critical code in user space, outside the kernel where it is not only easier to debug but also more secure and stable to execute.

“Freescale’s PowerQUICC II Pro and MontaVista Linux together give OEMs and design teams a faster way to deliver rich, high-performance embedded designs,” said Patrick MacCartee, director of product management at MontaVista. “MontaVista’s strategic investment in Power Architecture technology lets OEMs get the most out of the silicon, the system, and their value-added software for a superior end-user experience.”

The exceptional real-time performance for Freescale’s MPC8349E-mITXE leverages the capabilities of MontaVista Linux Professional Edition. With Professional Edition, design teams enjoy the most advanced native Linux real-time capabilities in the industry, with performance matching that of traditional real-time operating systems. This market-leading OS is the ideal platform for design teams looking to achieve rapid product delivery with a flexible open source development platform.

Design teams benefit from full maintenance and support on the thoroughly tested MontaVista software, which has shipped in more than 40 million units worldwide. Risk factors are dramatically reduced because MontaVista continuously tests, hardens, and integrates community bug fixes and patches.

“MontaVista has delivered exemplary support for our MPC8349E-mITXE platform, allowing our customers to leverage the rich features, lower costs, and fast time-to-market characteristics that our platform offers,” said Nikolay Guenov, marketing and business development manager for Freescale Semiconductor. “MontaVista and Freescale continue to offer influential and integrated development solutions for a broad range of applications, demonstrating our continued commitment to the OEM community.”

The availability of MontaVista Linux Professional Edition on the MCP8349-mITXE platform is yet another example of Freescale and MontaVista’s collaborative efforts to drive increased product control and shorter time to market for embedded design teams. In addition to the MCP8349-mITXE platform, MontaVista also supports other Freescale platforms, including MCEVALHPCN-8641, MPC8272 ADS, MPC8349 MDS, MPC8360 ADS, PQ2FADS-ZU/VR, and MPC866 ADS.

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