FS2 System Navigator Probe Supports Ultra Low Power Handshake

First Silicon Solutions (FS2), a division of MIPS Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MIPS), announced a complete tool suite supporting Handshake Solutions’ HT80C51 and HT80C51MX (Memory eXtension) cores. The tool suite, based on FS2′s unique On-chip Instrumentation (OCI(R)) debug core technology is able to recognize and respond to the “handshake”-based system of requests and acknowledgements used when the processor interacts with the various devices in the system. This makes FS2′s System Navigator probe and debug software perfect for low power designs and devices involving contactless smart cards and wireless radio ID.

Handshake Solutions’ HT80C51 and HT80C51MX cores are unique because of their ability to operate without a global clock signal (or clockless design). This means these IP cores deliver robust, low-power and low-noise operations for use in contactless smart card designs with wide operating ranges such as those found in busy transport environments. They are also ideal for applications where power consumption and electromagnetic interference can create problems. The MX (Memory eXtension) architecture extends the memory addressing capabilities of the familiar 80C51 core beyond the original 64 Kbytes limit, up to a maximum 8 Mbytes of program and 8 Mbytes of data memory.

FS2′s System Navigator probe is designed to support the additional low power and clockless modes of the HT80C51 and HT80C51MX cores. It also includes features to support the Memory eXtension architecture of the Handshake core. The System Navigator probe hardware is contained in a compact chassis that connects to the target system using a compact connector with only 4 pins into the core processor. It includes host software with a display interface for complete visibility into the core operation. An optional Keil uVision3 software debugger interface is also available for debugging compatibility with the Keil software tool chain.

“FS2′s debug solutions make development with the HT80C51 and HT80C51MX core fast and easy. They allow designers the ability to deliver more sophisticated designs, for memory hungry, lower power 8-bit applications in areas such as eGovernment and payment cards,” said Ad Peeters, Chief Technology Officer of Handshake Solutions.

“FS2′s OCI coupled with our System Navigator probe and software will save developers of Handshake Solutions’ 80C51-based applications time and money. It provides an out-of-the-box toolchain for complete visibility into their designs and allows them to quickly develop and debug their designs for faster time-to-market,” said Rick Leatherman, Vice President and General Manager of FS2. “Our collaborative efforts place FS2 in a growing list of Handshake Solutions partners providing complementary products for Handshake Technology-based products.”

The tool suite is centered on an FS2 OCI debug block in the Handshake Solutions 80C51 IP core. With a single target connection provided by FS2′s System Navigator JTAG probe, the FS2 debug software communicates with the OCI block enabling fast debugging of real-time code. This single target connection utilizing one piece of hardware saves time and costs for the user and implements a reliable single point of connection to the target system.

FS2′s fully configurable system provides complete run-control of the target microcontroller, a user configurable number of hardware breakpoints, access to internal registers and internal and external memory spaces, and the ability to program and debug code in flash memory. Hardware triggers can be set on combinations of address, data, and bus cycles and real-time trace display of executed instructions is also included in the system features. The trace features allow the system designer to quickly see the instruction and source code history up to a breakpoint or hardware or software error.

Availability and Pricing
FS2′s System Navigator probe for Handshake Solutions HT80C51 and HT80C51MX cores are available now. For pricing and additional details please call 503-597-5091 x103 or email info@fs2.com.

About First Silicon Solutions (FS2)
FS2, a division of MIPS Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MIPS), provides silicon IP and design services featuring OCI (On-Chip Instrumentation). This includes custom development tools for programming, testing and debug of FPGA, SoC, SOPC, ASSP and ASIC devices. FS2 products help silicon vendors and their customers develop and more effectively market their products, reducing development cycles, and allowing them to focus on delivering all the potential of the system on silicon.

About Handshake Solutions
Handshake Solutions offers Handshake Technology, which is the industry’s first commercial design methodology for creating clockless ICs. It offers designers a simple and robust method for accessing the benefits of clockless designs, such as low power consumption, low EME (electromagnetic emission) and low current peaks. This enables more functionality to be squeezed into even the tightest energy budget and simplifies system integration. Handshake Solutions is a line of business of Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI)

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