Sagantec DFM-Fix Tool Corrects Lithography Hot Spots

Sagantec announced it has developed a DFM solution for correcting lithography hot spots found in physical IC designs in collaboration with Mentor Graphics. The new DFM flow uses Mentor Graphics’ Calibre(R) LFD(TM) (litho friendly design) tool to analyze the design layout and detect lithography hot spots. Sagantec’s DFM-Fix tool uses the Calibre LFD analysis results to correct hot spots and optimize the overall layout, which is then verified by Calibre LFD.

This solution addresses a wide range of lithography-related issues and works with multiple design styles, including memory, custom and digital, and multiple levels of design, including library, IP core, block and full-chip. Sagantec is presenting the new solution at the Design Automation Conference, June 4-7 in San Diego.

“Our strategy is to work with other leading edge DFM suppliers to address the critical issues facing designers moving to the most advanced process nodes,” said Hillel Ofek, president and chief executive officer at Sagantec. “We are very pleased to collaborate with Mentor Graphics to offer a layout correction solution to our mutual customers.”

“The Calibre nm Platform provides the most advanced technology foundation for DFM in the industry,” said Joe Sawicki, vice president and general manger, Design-to-Silicon Division, Mentor Graphics. “We welcome the opportunity to offer additional value for our customers through integration with tools from other leading edge suppliers like Sagantec.”

About DFM-Fix
DFM-Fix uses information generated by lithography analysis to identify hot spots and correct them in the physical design database. DFM-Fix corrects the physical shapes with minimal impact on the design and without violating design rules. At the core of the product is a hierarchical layout optimization engine that makes subtle polygon movements at minimum design-rule increments, and maintains design rule check (DRC) correctness while performing model-based optimization. Compared to other correction methods, DFM-Fix can move and size any wire, edge and shape to any location, size and width while maintaining complete DRC correctness of all related polygons across all relevant layers and hierarchy levels.

About Calibre LFD
Calibre LFD is the first production-proven EDA tool to address the urgent issue of how to manage lithographic process variability in the early stages of design creation. Identification of lithographic hot spots and analysis of how designs are affected by process variations are becoming critical issues for designers at 65nm and below. The Calibre LFD tool allows designers to identify hot spots and other layout topologies that are sensitive to process variations and are primary contributors to systematic failure. By accurately simulating the effects of the lithographic process on “as-built” layout geometry, the Calibre LFD tool enables designers to make trade-off decisions early, resulting in a design that is more robust and less sensitive to the lithographic process window.

About Sagantec
Sagantec accelerates design to silicon in advanced process technologies. Sagantec’s EDA products enable a dramatic shortcut in the successful deployment of new silicon technology through the use of physical design reuse, automatic process migration and DFM optimization. Sagantec’s migration tools are used to redirect designs to either the newest technology or to a different process at the same technology node. Sagantec’s DFM solutions accelerate delivery of high-yielding silicon through physical-design optimization. Privately held and funded, its corporate headquarters is at 46485 Landing Parkway, Fremont, CA. 94538. Telephone: (510) 360-5200. Facsimile: (510) 360-5255.

Mentor Graphics and Calibre are registered trademarks and LFD is a trademark of Mentor Graphics Corporation. DFM-Fix is a trademark of Sagantec North America, Inc.