Gleichmann Announces NEC's 8-bit 78K0/Lx3 Microcontrollers

NEC Electronics’ new 8-bit 78K0/Lx3 microcontrollers (MCUs) include on-chip drivers for 88 to 288 liquid crystal display (LCD) segments. The new MCUs are available with 8 kilobytes (KB) to 60 KB of embedded flash memory and RAM from 512 bytes to 2 KB, in pin counts ranging from 48 to 80. Key features include: three ADC options (no ADC, 10-bit SAR ADC, 16-bit Delta-Sigma ADC and 10-bit SAR ADC), 8 MHz internal high speed oscillator, RTC having counter for year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second, on-chip debug function, watchdog timer, on-chip power on clear (POC), on-chip clock and buzzer output functions, on-chip key interrupt function as well as remote controller receiver.

NEC 8-bit 78K0/Lx3 Microcontrollers (MCUs)The simple and secure programmable (with boot swap function) 78K0/Lx3 MCUs use the same 0.15-micron process technology and SuperFlash(R) technology licensed from Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. as NEC Electronics’ previous 78K0/Lx2 MCUs. With a supply voltage of 1.8 to 5.5 V, extremely low power consumption levels (less than 5 mA in the run mode and only 2.5 µA, when RTC is running with 32 kHz subclock) and an operating ambient temperature range of -40 to +85°C, these devices are ideal for portable applications with LCD readouts and strict power consumption requirements.

NEC Electronics’ 78K0/Lx3 MCUs are supported by numerous development tools starting from low-cost starter kits, on-chip debuggers and flash programmers to fully featured emulators. All tools are supported by the compiler manufacturer IAR Systems.

Detailed product information for NEC Electronics’ new 8-bit 78K0/Lx3 microcontrollers is available now from Gleichmann Electronics. Samples of the devices will be available in the fourth quarter of 2007.

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