Mimosys to Demonstrate Clarity for Embedded Applications at DAC

Mimosys, a new company focused on automating the partitioning of embedded applications into fine grain hardware accelerators and software, will be demonstrating its latest version of Clarity at DAC – featuring automatic inclusion of memory.

As applications continue to grow in capability and complexity, the demand for higher data rates and more processing power increases. This is particularly the case in the multi-media and wireless markets as new standards emerge. The solution developed by Mimosys enables the exploration and visualization of the choices for performance optimization – as well the automated selection and implementation of the best candidates. The performance gain is also quantified, ensuring no surprises later in the design cycle. All of this within days, rather than weeks or months.

This contrasts with the traditional approach to improving performance, whilst meeting power goals, which is to manually inspect the application or algorithm in question – then to select some parts for optimization, followed by the manual creation of a custom instruction (in the case of an extensible processor) or to implement the function as dedicated hardware. The risks inherent in a manual approach are high – it’s difficult to be confident of meeting the performance target until the implementation is complete. This could take some weeks or months. With today’s pressure on time-to-market, there’s no time for further iterations and the market window may well be missed.

The most significant new feature in Clarity is memory inclusion – this automatically identifies and selects frequently accessed arrays in the application source code and maps these arrays as local memory for the custom instructions. Supporting both read-only and read-write memories, this feature brings considerable performance gains and reductions in power consumption to most embedded applications, all from within the easy-to-use Clarity interface.

Jason Brown, Mimosys’ CEO, commented: “The Mimosys solution reduces risk and provides confidence early in the design cycle that performance goals will be met. With the release of the latest features in Clarity – which include automatic instantiation of memory – our benchmarks are showing that the speed of applications can be increased by up to 10x to 20x for a modest increase in gate count/area.”

Clarity supports integrated design flows with ARC’s ARChitect Processor Configurator, CoWare’s Processor Designer environment as well as with Xilinx and Altera FPGAs. Visit us at DAC Booth #863.

About Mimosys
Mimosys is an innovative start-up company, based in Switzerland and focused on automating the customization of embedded processors. Mimosys have invested several man-years to develop Clarity, which is based on breakthrough research performed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) and the Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI), Lugano.